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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 3/27/2006 9:28:24 AM EDT
I took my new service model XD45 to the range this morning. I started off with a couple mags of Winchester ball ammo. At 30' the first few rounds went about 6" to the left of the point of aim. I started thinking aww nuts, will I have to drift the sight over? But after that it shot very well to point of aim. It was not picky on ammo. 50 rounds of Winchester ball, same amount of Wolf ball and a box of 20 Federal Hydrashocks all fed & fired flawlessly. I tried the Hydashocks at 51' and all 20 printed w/i the 9 ring.
At 30' I put all 50 rounds of the Wolf on the target with only two shots outside of the 9 ring. And I frankly blew those two shots. I could feel it as I squeezed them off. My bad.
I shot the Winchester ammo at 30' and 51'. All within the 9 ring, but the group was tighter at 30' with more bullseyes.
My only regret was not bringing more ammo. This is a very comfortable gun to shoot. I'd call the recoil and muzzle flip just moderate, which is excellent for a .45. It's even more comfortable to shoot than my Taurus PT745. I can easily work the slide release and mag release w/o shifting my hand on the grip. Excellent!
No failures of any sort. It ran and handled flawlessly. Trigger feel is the best I have ever tried. (But remember I'm just an average guy and am no expert.) It feels like a SA but with a longer take up like a DA. As much as I like the DA trigger on my Taurus, this feels better to me. This is a really easy gun to handle and shoot well.
I'm impressed as heck and very happy I got it.
Below is a photo of it with a target used at 30' with a mag full of Winchester ball. This was typical of how I shot it today.

Link Posted: 3/28/2006 8:57:46 AM EDT
Thanks for the range report! Glad you like your new XD .45.
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