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Posted: 2/13/2002 8:34:22 AM EDT
Got my new XD40 yesterday. Have to say, this is one nice gun. Havent even had it to the range yet bit the quality is right up there with my Sigs and H&K's and my wife's Glocks. It fits my hand as good as any gun I have ever held. Grip angle is superb, and it feels very balanced. For the price, I highly recommend it. Will be going to the range Saturday, will give a report as to how it does there. If it shoots as good as it looks and feels, then it should be a tack driver.
Link Posted: 2/13/2002 8:49:18 AM EDT
Talkin' 'bout a new gun and then...."I haven't had it to the range yet"
We are expecting a full range report from you, young man, this week-end!!
Now, write on the blackboard 100 times
"I will not tease my fellow members and make them jealous about my new handgun, until I have shot it"
LOL congratulations, sounds great, I look forward to hearing about how it shoots.
Link Posted: 2/13/2002 12:33:07 PM EDT
"I will not tease my fellow members and make them jealous about my new handgun, until I have shot it" x-100.

Sorry about that. Overly excited. Just thinking about the new XD's that will have the OD green frame, the longslide's, the compacts, and the (gasp) .45 (all of which SA said they have in R&D already)!! A .45 one with the OD green frame would be a "cool" companion to some OD web gear and 1 of my AR's for a Rapid Reaction setup.

Will definitely have a report Sat. evening.
Link Posted: 2/13/2002 4:20:59 PM EDT
Did you say .45? Hmmmm....
Already in R & D???
Link Posted: 2/14/2002 5:35:18 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/14/2002 5:38:35 AM EDT by Hawkeye1]
Thats what SA told me on the phone. Also, here are the longslide and OD frame pics from the Shot Show.

2nd and 3rd pics down.
Link Posted: 2/14/2002 7:48:19 AM EDT
Wow! That green XD is on my wish list. HS Arms was working on a "Special Ops" version before Springfield got ahold of them, but theirs was just the slide Gun-Koted green and the frame was still black. I like Springfield's green XD much better!


And in .45??!!?? I'm drooling already!
Link Posted: 2/16/2002 5:58:24 PM EDT
Well, here is my range report. This thing ROCKS! Trigger is great, recoil is very mild with minimal muzzle flip. All this thing needs is a set of night sights and it will make a great carry gun. Was shooting it along with my H&K USP 45 and all my Sigs, and my friends Sigs, so it had high standards to go up against. I am more than pleased with it.
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