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Posted: 11/11/2008 4:03:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/11/2008 4:06:13 PM EDT by AdamJ]
Just got a new para hawg 9 and while it does have a nice trigger (compared to my glocks) and it is really accurate for a small gun, there is one rain cloud.  It likes to jam in two ways, either a loaded rd hits the top of the chamber or it partially extracts a case then tries stripping a new one from the mag jamming the fired casing into the barrel hood.  It has only 100 rds through it and they have been WWB 100rd pack 115 fmjs, these have been 100% in my G19 and G26.  Both mags fail to lock slide open on empty.   I figure extra power mag springs are requiered for the slide lock to work and might this help the FTF?  Which mag springs work in the 12 rd 9mm hawg mags?  Also is it possible to swap out the power extractor with a conventional 80series 9/38s extractor to correct the FTE?
         What is a good source for night sights that are 3 dot and all green lamps?  And while I am at it one more question, where are extra mags available from?  Thanks for any and all help.
Link Posted: 11/12/2008 6:08:18 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/16/2008 9:50:28 AM EDT
For What purpose did you buy the hawg?  Conceal carry, personal protection ? Or a range gun for target practice ?  Because if it's your conceal carry weapon as Para intended for it to be your trying to feed the wrong type ammunition. The angle of the feed ramp is all wrong for most types of hardball. Try Blazer or Wolf, they are cone shaped and feed better than the shorter hardballs.  For carry ammo I would think you would want to feed hollow point ammo. A lot of it nowadays is +P. Para has kept the feed ramp angle steep so as to allow the casing to be totally enclosed by barrel chamber to avoid " blowouts " which would cause damage to the gun and possibly to the user. ie.... lawsuits..... Go to Keltec forum they have a picture of what we are talking about.

If this were a range gun, say a P18-9 like mine I would lesson the feed ramp angle as to allow your Winchester hardball or my lighter hardball handloads. As for the rounds jamming at the top of chamber. Take magazine springs out and stretch them half again longer than they were and put them back in. Springs will collapse when you keep them fully suppressed in magazine. Yes, Wolf springs will collapse too.

Your extraction problem would be considered a warrantable issue if you would like to send it to the factory as they would urge you to do. Or you can take the extractor apart yourself, stretch the spring a little to acheive proper tension. You will need 2 pairs of pliers for this and is a simple task.     Good luck with your your new Para.
Link Posted: 11/21/2008 12:10:01 PM EDT
Thanks for the reply 1911 smith, it is for SD and it is stoked with winchester SXT +P+ HP.  I just did not want to run through 500 rds of the +P+ stuff in break-in, hence the WWB cheap ammo.  It has about 300 rds down it now and has become more reliable on its own self.  I will probably get the wolf +10% springs any way and I have stretched the extracter  spring.  I am still wondering if the extracter can be replaced with a traditional style extracter (9mm 80 series),  seems like the para power extracter is a little bit tempermental and not as reliable as an old school extracter.
Link Posted: 11/22/2008 3:47:50 PM EDT
When I first got my Hawg in 9mm I had the same problems nothing and I mean nothing would feed, since its a carry gun for me, I was about ready to bring it back to the dealer I want something that I can count on if needed. I went and picked up some Wolf and some other no name brand ammo, ran about 75-100 thru it and it started to loosen up. Cleaned it and put another 100 rounds down range. After I hit the 250 round mark you would think it was a completely different hawg! It now functions to a point I would not hasitate to carry it knowing I can count on it 100%. My experience with Para has been they take a couple of hundred rounds to work and feed 100%. On the flip side my Glock 19, 22 & 27 all shot flawlessly right out of the box, never had a problem from round one to over a thousand rounds.
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