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Posted: 9/5/2004 4:08:26 PM EDT
I'd post this in the holsters section but it doesn't seem to get as much traffic so....

The only holster I own is a paddle style specifically for use in IDPA (if I ever get around to having a job/money/time to do it.

I've been thinking about a real concealed carry rig and would like some input. The pistol is a S&W 5906. I'm considering an IWB as it seems these give the best concealment. Of course, cost is an issue as I also need a good belt.

One holster I've looked at is the blade-tech IWB: www.blade-tech.com/frontend?command=ProductMatrix&iProductId=2951 But of course I don't know what would be more comfortable vs. better support/concealment...that's why I'm asking. And what about a belt? I've heard the synthetics are better as they don't crack like leather does with constant use. It would have to be a 1 1/4" belt as I don't think all of my pants will accept a 1 1/2.

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Originally Posted By kpel308:
I would pay for a good quality holster and belt. You really do NOT want to skimp on this, and the belt is going to be the foundation of your CCW gear.

I agree with kpel308, don't go cheap on the belt and holster. I use a BladeTech Kydex paddle holster on a Milt Sparks 1-1/4" dress gun belt and it works great.. There are many excellent holster makers out there. BladeTech, Milt Sparks, Galco, Kramer, ect..... You might have to go with a larger size pair of pants and belt to really be comfortable with an IWB rig.

Beachboy has very good points regarding your carry situation. All of these are to be taken into consideration when selecting carry gear. I carry a ParaOrdnance C7.45 LDA, so it it a bit smaller than your S&W, but I still need to be aware of it "Printing" when I just wear a shirt over it. You need to carry yourself differently and move differntly (bending over, reaching for things, getting your wallet out of your back pocket, ect...) when carrying concealed (If you want it to stay that way!).

You are lucky to be living in VA where you can carry with no problems. Here in Califonia, the sight of a non-uniformed person with a gun tends to raise havoc with the natives.
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Originally Posted By SGB:

Yep +1 on a Sparks VM2 or to save money a Summer Special 2.
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Originally Posted By Beachboy:
A point to add to your consideration is how will you normal dress while armed? Can you wear an outer grament at all times during the course of your day? If so, what type - suit / sport coat or a loose hawaian shirt over a t-shirt? What do you do during the day? Are you in an office at a desk, driving a vehicle or on you feet among others who can not know of your armed status?
These issues will have some bearing on what type holster.
The 5906 has a fairly large grip frame to conceal so you will need something that tucks it in close to the body, either an IWB or something like an Askin's OWB style that pulls the rear of the holster pocket in tight.

I've considered some of those questions and right now I have no idea what my 'on the clock' attire will consist of. If I ever do get a job in IT again, I'll probably be in a shirt/tie so anything short of a pocket or leg holster is most likely out of the question. This means I get to buy another pistol, probably a hammerless/concealed hammer revolver.

As for the rest of the time, mostly I wear jeans with an untucked shirt, so there's room to play with, especially with the colder months coming.
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 5:54:57 PM EDT
I carry an XD40 in a G-Code kydex IWB wit 15deg forward cant at 3 Oclock strong side, Or a tuarus mod 605, 357mag snub nose in a fist front pocket holster(#5 I think) . I use a GunnersAlley leather gun belt with my IWB. I get my holsters and other holster goods from www.gunneralley.com, They have excelant service and prices and a good selection.

Dont skimp on the holster or the belt, they make a big difference especially if used alot.
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Originally Posted By W-W:
Yep +1 on a Sparks VM2 or to save money a Summer Special 2.

I'm starting to like the looks of the VM2, but can't tell. Does it have the back flap to keep you from sweating on the gun and the gun from jabbing you? It's hard to tell from the pic and it doesn't specifically mention it in the description like the SS2 does.
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 7:21:33 AM EDT
i carry a Kimber TLE/RL II in a Bladetech IWB holster and i love it. it conceals wonderfully and doesnt close when you draw it. Its super comofrtable too.
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