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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/12/2006 12:43:44 PM EST
Hey guys! I'm just getting into the world of 1911's and don't know a whole lot about them yet. I have been thinking about getting one for a while now. (That's how I seem to learn the most about guns, is to buy one myself and figure everything out.) Actually I think I want two.

The first I want to be a replica of what the military carried last, before the M9. Which model does Colt offer now that would be the closest to this?

The second I want to build to break into 3 gun competitions. I don't know much about the different brands (Kimber, Springfield, etc.) except for Colt, so that's where I'm leaning right now. I need it to be accurate and very reliable. I think I want this one in .45, but I've heard good things about .38 Super, also. What would you guys reccommend?

Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:13:30 PM EST
They used to have a M1991 that came pretty close to what you are looking for except for better sights, a bigger ejection port and the series 80 FP lock. Throw a set of GI grips on it and you had a close to GI spec gun for reasonable money. They used to have a 1911A1 reissue that was very close to but they are more money then I am willing to spend if and when you find them. The 1911reissue is a sweet gun and I bought two of those. It is not an A1 but based on the ww1 style. brushed Carbonia bluing, no FP lock, Walnut grips and really a sweet gun. They are still making those but in limited numbers. A 4000 unit quantity is all they are making and they are in the mid 3K tange right now. They started at #1000. Right around $900 to $1000 but pretty unique in their own way.

If you are looking for a lower price range I'd look for an undinked with M1991 myself. Mine shoots excellent groups and well worth the $400 I paid for it. $500-$550 is probably closer to what you will pay now for a good example.

The Springfield Armory is another choice but you might have to buy a quality extractor and some good mags. They are chock full of MIM but at that price point you won't have any choice in that aspect. It has a 2 piece barrel, [chamber piece is sweated onto the rifled part] and a safety in the grip housing that never impressed me as very solid but it is something that is pretty much mandated anymore in some States. $450 give it take a bit seems to be the going price. There are cheaper makes like RIA, and Auto Ordnance but it is a CRAPSHOOT if you get a good one or not. The parts can be pretty cheap and in the case of AO, out of spec on the holes in the frame.

Take your time and find a nice one, buy some good mags and it will last a lifetime.
Well, at least until you buy the next one.
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 1:42:21 PM EST
Is there any chance of finding an actual mil surplus A1 and rebuilding/refinishing it? Or would I be better off trying to find an M1991? Thanks!
Link Posted: 3/12/2006 3:00:41 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/12/2006 3:03:58 PM EST by fxntime]
Sure, you can find USGI guns out there. However, [don't you hate that word?] be prepared to spend more then you think on a good one. They have had quite a run up in the prices in the past 5 years. While I have more then a few, I don't shoot most of them anymore because most of mine are original and getting into the thousand + of dollars as far as worth. I do have one that is a typical USGI mixmaster, Rem Rand slide and US&S receiver. Great shape and a decent shooter but not original.

A GOOD USGI will run you over $700 and go up from there anymore. You can find mixmasters for a bit less but they seem to sell at crazy prices also anymore. Thats whats happens when there is demand and a limited supply. You never know tho, you can sometimes get a steal on them. Be aware tho that many of the barrels are not in the best of shape due to the corrosive ammo used. They are safe but many are worn out. Collectability wise tho, the worn original barrel is better to have then a good replacement.

BTW, it's not really advisable to rebuild/refinish even a worn USGI 1911. It will kill it's value and ends up being just another frankingun worth $300. If you find one already wacked, go for it if you can get it cheap. Most people tho, think that it should be priced about 3X what it is really worth.
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