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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/30/2006 4:58:36 PM EST
Just got my AA .22 conversion kit for my G17 this afternoon. I took it out back after I opened it, and since the closest thing to the recomended ammo I had laying around was the Remington Golden 36 gr. hollowpoints, I loaded up with those and started plinking. 40 gr. FMJ is what you're supposed to shoot, but I had zero problems through a couple hundred rounds right out of the box.

I'm at home with the flu today, and I didn't expect to shoot well, I just shot seated on my 4-wheeler. Too sick and crappy to get off. I was parked at the 15 Yd. line and made some decent groups, all well inside a four inch bull. That's good enough accuracy for combat shooting. After I got used to it, I backed up to the 25 Yd. line and made about the same size groups(a little bit bigger but still inside the bull). The trigger loosened up quite a bit during the first couple mags.

I then tried a magazine full of Remington subsonics with my fingers crossed hoping they would work. No dice. They would fire, but the slide would not cycle another round into the chamber. That's OK, they aren't much quieter in this short of a barrel anyway.

I ordered two spare mags on backorder that will be here in a few days. The magazine I have now fits nicely in my Bladetech mag holders. The slide has adjustable sights, but they look and feel about the same as the standard Glock sights. Reloads and malfunction drills are identicle. I would be perfectly comfortable doing a one handed reload on my belt or my boot heel.

IMHO this is a fantastic conversion kit that duplicates all the functionality of a G17 except the recoil and the cost. Time spent training with this kit should transfer very well over to your G17. Being able to train cheaper means more time spent at the range and increased proficiency with the weapon. I can't think of any drills I can do with my G17 that I can't duplicate with my AA conversion kit with the exception of long range shooting out to and past a hundred yards. Shooting past 50 yards may not transfer over because the behavior of the bullet will be different.

For training purposes I can think of a number of advantages this kit has over using full power 9mm loads. The decreased recoil could be a benefit when starting out with weak hand only, or strong hand only shooting. Some people have a tough time managing the recoil of a 9mm when shooting strong hand only for the first time. Doubly so when shooting weak hand only, or even two handed weak side shooting. This low recoil system will allow a shooter to build up the necessary skills from these stances before changing over to a full power load. Beginning shooters, and kids would benefit from this as well while learning the basics. Having such a small amount of recoil can develope confidence and eliminate flinching problems. A ten round magazine equates to more frequent mag changes, and IMHO that isn't a bad thing at all. The extra mags fit nicely in my mag carriers, and reload drills are important to my training regimine. Less recoil means more attention can be applied to trigger control as well, instead of focusing almost exclusively on the front sight. It is very important to develope good trigger control, a smooth trigger pull, and controlling the trigger reset.

Over all I am very impressed with this conversion kit. Most of what I wrote is obvious to the readers here, but some newer shooters, or those on the fence about buying one of these kits may enjoy a more detailed write up about how it works. I am really happy I made this purchase, and I can't wait to start training in earnest with this kit. I feel it was an excellent investment, and it should pay for itself very quickly with savings in ammo costs. I would recommend this kit to anyone that is serious about training with their Glock pistol.

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