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Posted: 11/19/2001 6:22:11 PM EDT
Been wanting a 9mm pistol for some target/plinking. Got a few Glocks for tactical... but really would like a lighter/cleaner breaking trigger.

So, I picked up a Hi Power today.

It's in good shape. Owner said it was made in 1991. It says "Made in Belgium, Assembled in Portugal" on the slide.

One issue... the "blue" is coming off the frame. It is even bubbling up in places under the grips. Look at this picture to know what I mean:

It really looks like the fram is "painted" and the paint is flaking. Since it looks to be an aluminum alloy frame, is this right?

Would it be worth it to send it out and have it refinished? What are my options for something like this?

I may just shoot it... but just wondering.
Link Posted: 11/19/2001 8:30:38 PM EDT
I don't think there is such a thing as an alloy-framed BHP. Did you put a magnet to it?

I dunno what's happening with the finish funk, but I would consider sending it to Arizona Expert Arms or Arizona Response Systems for a go-through and re-finish. A Browning is always worth a bit to fix up.

Mind if I ask what you spent?

I have an Israeli BHP that AZExArms re-did and it is beautiful. Just this weekend I picked up an FEG clone and it works fine too.

If you want a nice trigger, consider disconnecting the mag safety. It was so easy I was able to do it myself! And it does help.
Link Posted: 11/19/2001 8:39:39 PM EDT
I gave $350 for it. From my reading I can tell that these aren't alloy frames... just looked like it to me.

I suppose that it's the parkerizing that is flaking off/bubbling up. Weird. I will probably shoot it for a while, and see if I like it first.

Azex got an email address I can send them for a quote?

My slide is really nice, lust the frame has issues. Did you get both redone on your izzy?
Link Posted: 11/20/2001 5:38:37 AM EDT

That's a good price for an HP, especially if you got a couple of full-cap mags.

You'll like shooting it, I have never met someone who shot a HP and didn't like it.

I bought my HP off the Net from a guy who had it re-done by Derek at the URL above and then never shot it. I would get the slide and frame done so they match. Get some Mec-Gar mags or some of the "South African" mags from CDNN and you are good to go.

I am really a .45 guy, but the HP is good for 9mm "subcaliber training" and overall plinking.
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