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Posted: 8/7/2005 2:56:51 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/7/2005 4:02:15 PM EDT by Mateomasfeo]
Most Accurate, H&K Tactical or H&K P9S?

I have seen many posts on the various forums I visit, regarding how accurate both the HK Tactical .45 and HK P9S Target .45 are. Now that I own an example of each I thought it would be interesting to range test the guns under the same conditions, same shooter, and same ammo.

I leave the reader to research the specs of the two guns. Suffice to say, they are 1911 style weapons, each with HK’s little twists. They are not comparable at all with regard to CCW, capacity, or cost. I seek only to test the accuracy of both guns, and not to form an opinion on which gun is the best for carry, value, etc.

The HK Tactical is touted as an accurate gun due in part to such features as an “o” ring, target sights, and match trigger.


The same claims are made about the HK P9S being one of the most accurate factory handguns ever produced, due in large part to the G3 style roller block design, match trigger, and target sights.


The Tactical is one of today’s “hot” guns, whereas the P9S hasn’t been produced for 25 years. But what about claims of accuracy? Which is more accurate?

The ammo in my closet today is Sellier & Bellot 230 grain, FMJ ball ammo. Good surplus stuff, likely not the best in the world. However, I liked the idea of testing both guns with cheap quality ammo. I realize that a flaw in this report is that both guns would likely perform better or worse on a specific ammo, thus my little amateur test would be skewed. Well, hell, I ain’t that motivated to make the most accurate definitive comparison in the world, besides, let one of the gun mags handle that task. This comparison is based on an ordinary guy’s world.

Using the highly regarded “match test paper plate” targets from Target (where else?) and a bench with sandbags, I positioned myself at the 25 yard mark and fired a magazine from each to burn out any residual oils, and to bring the guns up to operating temp. Then the Tactical was loaded with three rounds. From 25 yeads three shots were fired taking my time. The P9S was then loaded with three rounds and took its turn from 25 yards.

The same drill was performed at 50 yards. The results in the next photo are the plates from the drill. The top plates are from 25 yards, the bottom plates are from 50 yards. Here are the plates:

Observations. Well, first, I am an average to maybe a little above average pistol shot, but by no means am I Wild Bill Hickok. Fact is, at 50 yards, it appears I suck. It is obvious from the targets that I am repeating certain technical mistakes, but this flaw does not take away from the accuracy test as I am repeating the same shooter errors with each gun.

It amazes me that the two guns are both almost identical in accuracy. Both have tight groups from 25 yards, a basic toss up in accuracy. The 50-yard targets are spooky. They are almost identical.

Which gun is the most accurate? I think it is a toss up for this shooter, on this day, with this ammo. Both the Tactical and the P9s are very accurate guns. Perhaps a better thread would now lie in debating CCW or SHTF comparisons. At least now, we can make those comparisons, because the issue of accuracy, at least for this shooter, is determined.
Link Posted: 8/8/2005 6:00:50 PM EDT
Well, I'd have to say that the price of usp magazines alone are ridiculous, however they are probably more common, I would say the p9s magazines are $80 IF you can find them?

I think both of those handguns are more accurate than many owners who would have them are. I think your differences in shooting may be because of a different balance, not to mention the Tactical has an added weight with the thread protector.

Practice practice practice
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