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Posted: 2/8/2006 6:01:25 PM EDT
I am thinking of getting a 4" 1911 as a CCW weapon. It would be my first 1911. I would really like one of the loaded models but I am not sure i will be able to find one for what I am looking to spend. My ? is if I cant find a good deal on a loaded are the mil spec and GI a good option. I really love the look of the extended beavertail safety and the skeletonized trigger and hammer. Are these things that can be easily added to the cheaper models or will it require a smith's work? And most importantly would the mil spec and GI be a reliable carry gun? Thanks.
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 4:43:50 AM EDT
Although I don't have a ton of experience with a lot of handguns I have to say that all the 1911 clones that I had were never 100% reliable that had anywhere from a 4" barrel and smaller.  I have or had Colt, SA, ParaOrdance, etc.

Also consider weight as a factor depending on how you will carry it.

I carry a glock 27.
Link Posted: 2/9/2006 5:06:45 AM EDT
A beavertail is an ADVANCED mod.  A trigger and hammer can be drop in items.  Those stubby little mil spec triggers suck ass.  I hate the way they feel.

I've done two of the S&A beavertails.  You have to radius the frame as well as fit the "leg" on the grip safety.  You kind of have to do them in tandem because as the frame radius takes shape, the leg on the grip safety will start to engage the back of the trigger bow.  It's tricky.  But if you know the workings of the 1911 very well, you can do it.

Link Posted: 2/9/2006 2:31:54 PM EDT
I have absolutely no experience with 1911's other than shooting a few of them. By looking at pictures of the milspec it appeared there would have to be mods made to the frame to fit a beavertail but i figured I would ask. I am rather mechanical but still wouldn't be comfortable grinding away at the frame of my first 1911 so I think I will either see if I can just get one how I would like it or maybe find a nice used one. I dont see any sense in buying the milspec for around $500 and then giving it to a smith to do a beavertail, hammer and trigger when I could get what I want allready done for around $650.
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:09:28 PM EDT
Well I didn't go with the Mil Spec or GI
Link Posted: 2/11/2006 7:30:08 PM EDT
Link Posted: 2/12/2006 5:12:18 AM EDT
Take your pic...I like the SS Champion.  Includes the beavertail  safety, skeletonized trigger, ambi-safety.  I got mine just under 7 bills at a gun show.

Link Posted: 2/15/2006 5:32:16 PM EDT
There is a "drop-in" Commander hammer & beaver-tail safety out there, but I've never seen it used, so I can't vouch for the quality. Brownells used to list them, IIRC?

I have a SA Govt 1911 in .45 & 9mm & a Micro in .45 & used to have a Champion. The Champion was a true POS & I got rid of it. The Micro (3" barrel) runs just fine & is my CCL gun. The only mods I have made were on the Govt .45 model. I had a new trigger, barrel & sights put on it. It now shoots as good or better than a Gold Cup & I've proven that many times.  

My suggestion is get the low-cost entry model & make the changes you want as you can afford them. A NIB entry SA can be had for $450 or so & a Brownells will supply all the parts you could ever hope for.

My .o2
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 6:20:20 PM EDT
Thanks but as you can see a few posts up I already got one and it's not an entry level model Haven't shot it yet but I will on Saturday. I am pretty confident it will be a good shooter.
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