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Posted: 9/19/2004 9:05:23 AM EDT
Hi, new guy here. I have a stainless, Colt Magnum Carry .357 mag. I bought it primarily for home defense. Anybody here have any feedback on this pistol, good or bad? Thanks.
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 11:13:39 AM EDT
Here's some info from an answer I gave on another forum:

The Magnum Carry started out in the late 90's as The Colt SF-VI (Colt Small Frame, 6 shot). Caliber was .38 Special.
This was to be Colt's replacement for the Detective Special "D" frame guns, which were simply too expensive to make. These older Colt guns required extensive hand fitting, and Colt could no longer afford to continue to make them.
The New SF-VI was a totally new gun with an action loosely based on the Trooper Mark 3/King Cobra revolvers. This action required little hand fitting. The early guns had a very light trigger action. Some people had trouble with the light trigger pull causing "short stroking", so Colt offered to replace the trigger return spring with a heavier spring. Later guns had the stronger spring as standard.

Several years later, after all the older original "D" frame guns were out of the supply system, the gun was renamed The Colt DS II, (Detective Special Two).

About a year or so before Colt suspended most revolver production, the gun was offered as the Magnum Carry in .357 Magnum.
When Colt did suspend production of revolvers, the SF guns were discontinued. Whether Colt will ever again produce them is doubtful, but possible.

Apparently, the SF guns were not good sellers for Colt, since they cost more than most of their competitors similar models, and the gun didn't win high marks from some owners. Many people were dissatisfied with the appearance of the gun, and quality of the action.
One feature widely disliked was the extremely sharp muzzle of the squared off barrel. The barrel is so sharp the gun would "eat" the holster. Many owners rounded off the sharp edges.

Another complaint was the rear sight notch. On older Colts, there is a cut in the frame around the notch that acts as a 'shadow box" to provide a good glare-free sight picture. On the SF guns the cut was deleted as a money saving measure, and the sight notch is surrounded by a shiny, glaring, rounded area.

However, those who bought the SF guns were usually well satisfied with them. They were reliable, powerful, and accurate.

On the SF-VI I owned, I rounded off the muzzle to the same profile as the shrouded Colt Detective Special guns, added an ejector rod head, and opened up the "window" in the barrel shroud to clear the new ejector rod head, and finally made the "shadow" cut around the rear sight.

One of the major complaints about the SF guns, was they weren't want many people really wanted...an older Colt Detective Special in stainless steel.

However, they are a fine quality gun, and in the Magnum Carry version, fairly uncommon. In coming yeas they will have some collector interest.

Link Posted: 9/19/2004 4:33:43 PM EDT
Wow, thanks. I was expecting somebody to just say it was junk or it was good. About the only thing I knew about it was that you don't see very many of them out there. Why did Colt suspend production of revolvers? If they never make another revolver, then I could have the last of the Colt revolvers. Hmm. Might be worth holding on to. Thanks again for the info.
Link Posted: 9/20/2004 12:56:16 PM EDT
Colt still makes revolvers.
They sell the big Anaconda, the Python, and the Single Action Army.

Colt discontinued everything else due to financial problems sometime around 2000.

They simply were in such bad money shape they couldn't keep making guns that just weren't big money makers. They focused on their 1911 and AR-15 commercial lines, and kept the above revolvers because they DID sell well.

As I recall, the Magnum Carry was only made for about one year, so the low production numbers have the prices of Magnum Carry revolvers skyrocketing.
These are being bought up by collector's and shooter's who really liked the small size coupled with 6 shots of .357 Mag ammo.

Take a lo-k at some of the on-line gun sales sites, and the asking prices of Magnum Carry's will take your breath away, WHEN one turns up.
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