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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/4/2006 4:17:36 PM EST
Im flying to Detroid Monday for 2 days and am thinking about carrying my Glock 33. Ive checked Packing.org out and it seems like I would be in the clear. They seem to honor my permit and things should be no different than in MS.

As far as flying goes....Northwests policy seems straight forward. I guess Ill just pull my gun out in the rental car and load up then. Then unload before getting on the bus to the airport when I return

What happened to the thread on flying with your firearms...I thought it was here? It had some good info

Can I carry my Glock in the glock case, put the lock on that, then put it in my duffle bag for checked luggage or will the case have to be separate from my bag.
Link Posted: 3/4/2006 5:32:01 PM EST
I have always carried it outside my bag. Just too difficult to open up my bags and try and get it out, plus not being able to put it in the bag prior to the agent verifying it was in there (ID tag).

There used to be the requirements on the FAA web site........it may be on the screeners site now.

As for honoring the permit, packing.org has been wrong on several occasions.
Link Posted: 3/5/2006 12:37:07 PM EST
Your permit is good here in Michigan. Michigan honors permits issued to residents of the issueing state (I am assuming your permit was issued my Ms.).

We don't have many convoluted laws to contend with, but there are a few. Establishments that sell alcohol for consumption (on premesis) for example. You can carry in one if the establishment generates at least 51% of it's revenue from sales other than alcohol (food I presume). How are we supposed to know? True, some are obvious, but...

It is illegal to carry the firearm if you have ANY blood alcohol content. You are allowed to keep it in the trunk of the car at that point (we have new pretty tough OUIL laws though, watch out for that).

You can get more info at our State Police FAQ page here and can see how the laws changed a bit for CCW in 2003 here

Those plus other links and "ask the lawyer" from MCRGO can be found here

Be sure to check out the "pistol free areas" here and you should be about good to go.

We do have a requirement to notify officers on contact if we are carrying. If pulled over, my first statement to them when they approach is "I am required by law to inform you that I am carrying a concealed pistol".

As to carrying on the airlines, been 20 years or so since I've done it. Back then, requirements were lockable hard sided case (tupperware not acceptable) with unloaded weapon verified by them (they usually cringed). They'd red tag it with a "steal me" tag, and I'd then place the case inside my checked baggage. Ammunition in factory boxes only, maximum was I think 50 rounds. Seperate baggage. That was then. Now, I'd contact both the TSA and the airline for guidelines. FAA site couldn't hurt either.

Have fun in Detroit. Spend LOTS of money .
Link Posted: 3/8/2006 5:47:38 PM EST
Thanks tbone, but I read you post too late. I didnt get back online Sunday because of travel and all, so since I didnt find what I considered enough info and local info I just left the glock at home

Now that youve given me all I need, next time Ill prolly carry. I kept out of bad spots and left myself escape room with the rental car at all lights and stops, but all the news showed up there was bout people with bats breaking in peoples houses. If they did that at my house theyd be in tough shape, but in the hotel room I was an average sheeple aside from I had picked out a lamp for a good just in case weapon. 120Volts ona a 5 foot pole with a 10ft cord....better than a dull stick

Link Posted: 3/9/2006 7:00:17 PM EST
You're welcome. As far as the news goes, forget what they report. There isn't enough time for them to get serious on reporting assaults and murders in total. Much happens the public simply never hears about (same as in any major metrololitan area).

That said, remember also that there is a HUGE number of people and a very small percentage point are actually victims. Not that I'm trying to say caution isn't justified, it most certainly is. But there are always steps one can take to prevent being a victim (situational awareness which is often sensed by criminals who are looking for the unwary is certainly one example).

The fact of Detroit is we have a high crime rate. The myth of it's danger far outweighs the facts though. Glad you had a safe visit. Next time, bring the Glock, it never hurts to be extra prepared!
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