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Posted: 4/20/2002 7:55:41 AM EDT
Ok folks as you know the Canadian Feds are haveing us serfs register all out guns.

They also want us to RE-register all out handguns...( handguns have been registered since 1934)

Anyway I have a 1914 DWM Luger that my lovely wife bought me some years ago. When I got it I questioned the SR # on the certificate. I was told I was wrong...

Well now with the new system if I put anything down WRONG I can go to jail!!!

Sooooo.....I am answering "UNKNOWN" for all of their questions....

However I want some back up as to my reason for this. Thus I want PROOF that they have already messed up one of my guns so I cannot trust ANYTHING! Not being an expert regarding firearms...HONEST I HATE THE DIRTY THINGS!


To the point ( finally) ..
Othe front of the frame there is a 5 digit serial number ending with 42. Various parts on the gun are also marked 42 ( only ). Under this number is a scripted (e).

They contend that the scripted e is the last digit in the serial number. I figure that it is an inspection mark. Otherwise the parts would be marked 2e not 42.

Any "expert" opinions?
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The 5 digit # PLUS the script letter is indeed your full serial number.
The letter is an integral part of the ID for your gun.
Your serial is XXX42e.
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Thanks Striker!
To clarify, military Lugers were numbered in blocks of 10,000, with a small script letter designating the block. 5 digit serials were generally commercial reworks.
It would go 1a-9999a, then 1b-9999b, etc etc.
Since production rarely exceeded 260,000 guns per year, the alphabetic serial number plus the year or year code of your gun should pretty well pin it down.
Now, in the past, folks have made the same mistake of NOT including the little letter, and that's where it got hairy, especially if any of them were reported stolen.
Many guns of the same year *could* very well have the same serial this way, as without the alphabetic indicator, up to 26 guns out of every 260,000 would be numbered and marked identically.
This is why very few Luger collectors will ever post their full serial number in correspondence or in public.
NOT because it is a hot gun, but because it could be erroneously on a hot list after one of it's number twins was stolen.

Edited to add:
PS, It doesn't seem to help matters any that the little letters are written in *German* handwriting type script, and are very easy to confuse in and of themselves.
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