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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/27/2005 7:02:37 PM EDT
Does anyone have this combo and have some feedback on it? I'm thinking about puting a lasermax in my P229. Its a definate tackdriver as it is, but I'd like to have something with faster target aquasition. This is my carry gun and home defense (.357sig round will put a God aweful whole in an intruder). I was just wondering if its worth the $? Feedback would be greatly appreciated
Link Posted: 7/28/2005 11:16:58 AM EDT
A-Train, i had a lasermax for my Glock 26 before. I didn't like it at the fact that the laser is pulsating and not bright enought (even in low light cond) compare to the Crimson Trace. I don't know how they integrate the switch in the 229 but for the G26 it was a sloppy job. The laser turns it self on or off from the recoil. I currently have Crimson Trace on my 229 and i love it, from the laser performance to the feeling from the grip...everything is an A. Just my 2cents.
Link Posted: 7/28/2005 8:52:21 PM EDT
After using both Lasermax and Crimson Trace I must say the Crimson Trace is far superior because it is one of the most comfortable grips made, the laser can be activated or not just with your grip one handed (fully ambi too) and it can be alligned to your POI perfectly. Its also cheap (relatively) if you look online.
Link Posted: 7/29/2005 1:03:20 PM EDT
Where online would you recomend for me to look and find the best price on the Crimson Trace. I first read about the pulsating beam on the Lasermax from yall, THAT SUX! I think I'm gona buy a Crimson Trace. Looks like a nice system and is definatly cheaper.

Where and how much should I spend?
Link Posted: 8/5/2005 8:09:22 AM EDT
I have a lasermax on my P220ST and I love it. It is easy to see in any level light. I have never had a problem seeing it, and the laser is dead on. But, each to his own.
Link Posted: 8/8/2005 12:33:16 AM EDT
I have a lasermax in my 229. I like it, though I don't use it for target aquistion so to say. In my experiences, using the laser has slowed me down. The biggest benefit for the laser to me is a last line of deterent. Secondly, should I be in a position where I am unable to sight my pistol as usual, I have a back up system

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