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Posted: 6/1/2008 8:29:47 PM EDT
Wife and I looked at the SIS ultra and it's a very nice little carry piece.  I have not seen the Springer micro compact to directly compare but I've had great luck with springers running right out of the box and have a preference towards the brand.  

I'm curious if anyone has an opinion on either pistol.  I have a couple 5" 1911s and one Commander but never owned a compact.
Link Posted: 6/2/2008 1:53:32 AM EDT
I've had an SIS Ultra for several months and it's been very reliable.  I've only fired about 500 rounds through it, but it cycles perfectly, including Hydrashoks.  I was leery of getting an aluminum framed 1911, so always stayed away from 3" models, but the SIS Ultra has a steel frame and a steel MSH.  And it does not have the Swartz safety system.  It has become my carry piece, along with an Aegis II Ultra.
Link Posted: 6/3/2008 3:08:40 PM EDT
I had a Springfield Micro and it had frequent FTE (stove pipe) malfunctions. I sent it back to Springfield and the problems still occured. I traded it in toward a Kimber Ultra CDPII and it is a great light weight carry gun.

Getting a 1911 to work good in 3 inch is very hard the design is at it's limits. If you must have a compact go with Kimber.

KIMBER Custom Defense Pistol Ultra II in a Mitch Rosen IWB covered with a loose shirt!
Link Posted: 6/3/2008 3:14:37 PM EDT
I own & CCW a Micro. It's been perfect after the first 100rds & never fails to cycle. I also keep it well cleaned & oiled to help it run.

There's no issue with the alloy frame & the .45acp caliber. The Micro runs a dual recoil spring & it's not like one will be shooting IPSC with it either.

When I compared the Micro to the Kimber, I found the bottom of the MSH would cut into my palm. The Micro MSH is beveled to make shooting it comfortable, thus I went with the Micro & have never regretted it once.

The "SIS" gimmick isn't worthy of the extra $$$ being charged either, IMO.

My .o2
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