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Posted: 10/21/2010 8:45:14 PM EDT
This is going to be long so you might want to get some coffee or take a pee break now.
I purchased my CW9 over the past weekend for $400 at a local gun show. The CW9's are running from $420-$480 at the local gun stores if you can find them.  Mags are about $40 on the Kahr website and $40-$44 at the local stores (if they have any in stock). I ordered 4 mags from CDNN on Sunday and they arrived about an hour before I left for the range today. S/H is always fast with these guys and they absolutely rock. I've ordered from them in the past and have always been safisfied. The Kahr factory mags from CDNN were about $30 and S/H was about $7.  I'd recomend them.
The pistol seems well made and it has a very good feel to it. I have average sized hands and it fits me well. I've been looking at CCW guns for the last month and this gun has the best feel of all the small semi autos and revolvers I've checked out. it's very thin and resonably light weight.  The pistol comes in a cheap plastic box that is nothing to brag about (compared to the XDM packaging anyway). It has a truly crappy 3 piece trigger lock aaembly that you put together. You need your own lock to go on this assembly. I didn't give it much of a look as I have safes and it looks like crap. I'm sure it satisfies the law. One 7 rnd mag comes with the pistol.
I've done a bit of research lately and have carried concealed in the past. It seems like many get away from carrying because the gun is uncomfortable or too large. I've been wearing the CW9 around in a cheap universal holster (IWB) and it's been entirely comfortable. I have high hopes for carrying this once I get a decent holster. I can't see pocket carry working well for this gun (at least in jeans).
The manual states that this weapon has a 200 rnd break in period. I ran 100 rnds of WWB (115gr) and 50 rnds of Blazer (115gr) through it today. I also shot 25 rnds of Speer GD 124 gr +P today.  It shot well with everything. Unfortunately I didn't finish the break in period today but I shot it enough to have confidence in the gun. I'll finish it up next week.
I was impressed with the accuracy. i only shot it at 7 yds today as I had a young shooter next to me that is experienced but still needs a little watching. I could usually put 6 out 7 rnds in an area the size of a silver dollar if I did my part and concentrated on trigger control, front sight, etc. I usually had one flyer though (an honest review.....who'd have thunk it?). I used a 6 o'clock hold on the target.  The front sight is a white square and there is another white square centered at the bottom of the rear sight. You line them up (duh). I'm not crazy about this set up as my other handguns either have a 3 dot setup or black sights. I got used to it and it was no big deal. It's just not my favorite setup. i can see how it may be faster under stress and at close range. It may be a better setup for CCW. Time will tell.
The trigger is double action and is a bit long. I shot it like a two stage trigger and it broke nicely at the end. It's not very heavy just a bit long. I don't think it's a bad trigger for a CCW gun. There are no external safeties so this is most likely the best setup. I feel more comfortable with the longer trigger pull as I will be carrying IWB most of the time.
Link Posted: 10/21/2010 9:02:56 PM EDT
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Part II
A lot of people seem to complain about the recoil of CCW and say they don't shoot them much because of it. I didn't think the recoil was at all bad. Yes, it kicked more than the full sized XDM and Kimber that I usually shoot but it really wasn't bad. Even the +P's were OK.  I really enjoyed shooting this gun and it will be carried and shot. I think that my wife's S&W Airweight has more recoil.
The manual says to load a magazine into the weapon and then chamber a round by releasing the slide. It says that if you chamber a rnd by racking the slide it may cause the slide to not go into battery all of the way. i tried racking the slide a few times and didn't have this problem. I did have one instance in which a rnd took a nosedive when I racked the slide. I returned to the manufacturers preffered method and there were no other issues. The one jam was with Blazer and a quirky 8rnd magazine.
The slide serrations are ok and give a decent grip. The slide is easy to pull to the rear and the slide lock is easily engaged.  The sights are easily visible and the trigger is pretty good for a CCW gun.
The magazine release is reeeeaaaalllly stiff and must be pushed in very hard to release a mag. The magazines (I have 5) do not drop out and must be pulled out. They are very stiff coming out. My one 8 rnd mag is extremely stiff coming out and it takes a bit of force to remove it. The 7 rounders have a bit more friction than normal on removal but come out just fine. The 8 rounder is the mag that gave me the one malfunction of the day.  As I was not using the recommended loading method I'm not too worried about the one malfunction during the break in period. Let's be honest.....it's a semi auto.....you should be able to load it with the slide foward and then racking the slide.  I will try this method more next week with just the 7 rnd mags.
Some have said that they have accidently hit their mag release when shooting these small semi autos. Others have said they found their mag laying in the front seat because the mag release was somehow pressed while behind the wheel. I can't see this happening with this stiff mag release on my CW9.  I can deal with it. Maybe it will lossen up maybe it won't. It's no big deal either way. It's just a quirk of this gun. Not everything is a Glock.
Kahr recommends that you do not load an individual rnd straight into the chamber as this can damage the extractor. Someone at a local gun shop told me that they've replaced extractors on a few Kahrs so I think I'll follow the manual on this one.
My daughter was shooting my XDM in the next lane and put a couple of magazines through the Kahr. She didn't like it. This was suprising as the grip is thin and has a great shape. She thought it kicked and didn't like the long double action trigger. I let her go back to shooting what she enjoys.
Link Posted: 10/21/2010 9:10:58 PM EDT
Part III
$400 isn't a fortune but it's a decent amount of money to me. I spent about 4 weeks or so really looking around for a decent carry gun. My wife has a J-Frame .38spl and I have a Taurus PT22 and NAA Mini Revolver so I've shot the little handguns a bit even though I really like the full sized pistols and revolvers.  I looked at the J-Frame .38spl, Kel-Tec PF9 and Ruger LCR. I liked them all and really liked the LCR. I can see myself buying the LCR in the future and maybe the Kel-Tec (and a host of other guns if I'm to be honest).  In the end the Kahr seemed like the best fit for me and I'm entirely satisfied with the gun. I'd recommend it to others. I'd get a full sized service pistol for home defense but I can see this gun doing dual duty for HD and carry.
Disassembly for this gun is uneventful. If you can take a Glock or M1911 apart then this is no biggie.
I hope this helps the next guy that's in the market for a Kahr.
Link Posted: 10/22/2010 5:18:18 AM EDT
I recently bought the CW9.  Had a similar experience, but the mag release loosens up after use.  And racking a round just has to be more authoritative, I don't know why it does that when I pussyfoot with it.  Very accurate report.  Which sights would you get if you were to change them?
Link Posted: 10/22/2010 5:57:45 AM EDT
I love Kahr

My MK9 has been great .
Link Posted: 10/22/2010 6:46:30 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Melatonin:
I recently bought the CW9.  Had a similar experience, but the mag release loosens up after use.  And racking a round just has to be more authoritative, I don't know why it does that when I pussyfoot with it.  Very accurate report.  Which sights would you get if you were to change them?

Probably just a 3 dot or nightsights. I'm not messing with it though. It's a close range defense weapon so I'll just leave it alone.
What loads do you use for self defense?
Link Posted: 10/22/2010 1:05:03 PM EDT
I bought a CW9 for myself.    Since it was a small and light I was expecting it to be a little snappier than my other 9mms.   The recoil is very manageable, nice looong DA trigger, and accurate.   I also like that the CW9 isn’t a picky eater.  Shoots el cheep just a well as the premium.  What I didn't like about is the aggressive front checkering on the grip.   I have very tender paws.  Minor gripe since this a CC not a range toy.   My other minor grip is I don't like shooting +P ammo through it.  The little gun handles it fine; me the shooter didn't like the recoil.   Again this is a CC not a range gun.   I highly doubt I will be concerned with the recoil if I am in a situation where I have to use.  

The CW9 was my very first Kahr.   I liked well enough to get a K9 in Matt Stainless.   The steel frame of the K9 addresses the recoil because of its weight.   The trigger on the K9 is even nicer.  Plus it's shiny!   I'm very pleased with the two Kahrs I have.
Link Posted: 10/22/2010 1:26:51 PM EDT
The CW9 is a gateway drug to the PM series.  

Start saving now before the jones' hit.
Link Posted: 10/23/2010 8:24:48 PM EDT
only thing I don't like about my cw9 is the trigger has a bit of overtravel, not a whole lot, but enough to be easily noticable.

other than that, I like it a lot, got a bit over 1600 rounds through it since I bought it a couple years back.
Link Posted: 10/24/2010 4:49:33 AM EDT
I keep 115grain federal hydra shocks in it.
Link Posted: 10/27/2010 6:37:57 PM EDT
I love my CW9.  I have about 450 rounds through it now.  The only ammo that ever made it hiccup was Corbon 124 grain (I think) JHP +P and that was well inside of the break-in period.  Otherwise, the gun has run like clockwork.  The mags drop free and clear and the mag release it tight enough that I don't think I'll ever drop a magazine by accident.  

Trigger pull could be a little shorter with a faster reset but this isn't for target shooting.  

As for racking the slide, don't be tender with it.  Just pull it back and let it go like a slingshot.

I carry mine in a custom leather and Kydex IWB made by a guy on defensivecarry.com

Link Posted: 10/27/2010 6:44:51 PM EDT
I carry a pm9 and it is a fine firearm. I will keep it forever.
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