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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/13/2003 10:31:37 AM EST
I hope I have a good one. I've heard some guys bitchin about theirs. Anyone in here have any experience with one?
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 11:10:54 AM EST
Nope, but I just called my gunshop and bought the last one that he had. I love my P-32 so much that I had to have one. I'm sure that it will need to be broken in also, just like the P-32 did. I drenched the P-32 in CLP and shot 2 boxes of hardball through it, occasionally relubing the slide during firing. Runs like a top, feeds everything flawlessly. Will be back with a report on my P-3AT soon, wishing you the best of luck with yours.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 2:41:50 PM EST
Thanks Rocketman.

Do you know what you are going to run through it? I've been reading a lot about Cor-Bon 90 JHP. I'm thinking about feeding that to my P3AT.
Link Posted: 9/14/2003 11:23:49 AM EST
CorBon works great in the P-32, so I'm gonna at least try a box in the P-3AT. The P-32 shot everything...Hydrashoks, Glasers, XTP, etc. so I expect the .380 to do as well. I'm picking it up Tuesday and if it is not raining am going straight to the range and will report back as to how things go.
Link Posted: 9/20/2003 6:54:09 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/20/2003 6:54:53 PM EST by Smokey_Lonesome]
Here's my Range Report on my P-3AT.

Ok I'm back with a report. Went to a friend's place out in the country. Way out on the prairie in the middle of nowhere. It was sweet!

AK-47 -- Nothing to report except that it ate 312 rounds of Russian (not Wolf) ammo without a hitch. This sucker is so reliable it's unreal. Accuracy isn't the best, but for sprayin~n~prayin it gets the job done. I would trust this with my life.

Springfield Loaded 5" Service Model,OD Green -- I haven't shot this in a while and realized again today what a pleasure this piece is to shoot. Not one malfunction of any kind after eating 150 rounds of Hungarian 230gr, FMJ. I kept everything on the paper plate consistently from 10 to 15 yards. It's rock solid and really a joy to shoot. Smooth is how I would best describe it. I must note however that I had a trigger job performed on this model. It breaks smooth and crisp. (I may go back to this as my carry gun).

Springfield Loaded Compact LW -- Fed this 100 rounds of Hungarian 230gr, FMJ. I also punched the paper plate repeatedly but not as well as with the OD Green model. I had one malfunction towards the end - a stove pipe. Other than that it performed flawlessly. (I need more range time with this gun).

Kel-Tec P-3AT -- This whole day was centered around this BUG. I bought it last Monday and hadn't shot it until today. Everything I have read so far about this little .380 pretty much was about malfunctions and how you should do a "fluff & Buff before shooting it. I figured screw that. It cost $219 and I was going to shoot the crap out of it and see if it was worthy of keeping. Well, I loaded her up with Winchester 95gr, FMJ. 100 rounds later and not one malfunction. I then shot another 100 rounds of Lellier & Bellot (Czech Republic), 90gr, FMJ. I don't know whether it was me or the gun, but I had at least 3 jams and about 15 ejects that hit me in the bill of my ball cap. Perhaps I was limp wristing because of all the previous rounds I had shot. Although I didn't have any wierd ejects from the Winchesters. Accuracy was alittle dissapointing, but I kind of expected that. I didn't hit the plate as well at all from 10 yards so I moved up to about 7 and it was a little better. I do believe I am going to feed it the Winchesterm 95gr from now on. It seemed to perform much better than the 90gr. All in all I was satisfied. It did punch a lot more than I thought it would. I'm actually pretty impressed with the .380 round. The only thing that will require getting use to is the smallness of the frame and how easy it is to get a sore trigger finger and a sloppy grip. But with practice all should be well.

Well, that's my report. It was an outstanding Saturday and I can hardly wait until tomorrow so I can sit at my bench and clean all my guns. Sometimes I get as much satisfaction from cleaning them as I do shooting them. I hope this report was helpful. Thanks for reading it.

Edited to add -- Recoil on the P-3AT was no more worse than the 1911's. Just a little more squirrely because of the smaller frame and grip.
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 8:11:55 AM EST
I've got a P3AT as well. Here is a range & carry report that I posted to email list I belong to:

"I shot the P3AT for the first time tonight. I have to say that is not an entirely pleasant pistol to shoot. I went through 124 rounds, and by the end my right thumb had a spot worn through the skin. My trigger finger also hurts a little bit, as it gets pinched between the trigger and trigger guard on occasion. I will definitely wear a glove when practicing with this pistol. I would limit practice with this pistol to less than 50 rounds per session. The sights are absolutely HORRIBLE, and that is the one major complaint I have. Also, since this is intended for personal defense, night sights of some sort would be very welcome. I will have to see if the aftermarket has come up with better sights for these pistols.

The gun is 100% reliable so far. I shot 100 rounds of Aguila FMJ's with no failures and 24 rounds of Ranger SXT with no failures. The gun does have the annoying habit of throwing a spent case straight back into your forehead on occasion. It doesn't do it every round, but I would say at least once every 15 rounds or so. I was surprised by the recoil of the little .380 ACP round. I thought it was actually worse than my Glock 23. This is probably due to the extremely light weight of the P3AT. But that extremely light weight is what makes it such a pleasure to carry. Accuracy was barely acceptable for a combat pistol. This is mostly due to the sights. I could keep all the shots in a head sized group at 5 yards, even when firing 1 shot per second or slightly faster. I think the pistol is capable of better accuracy, but is hindered by the sights. As this is a close contact pistol anyway, I feel the accuracy is acceptable for the role it plays.

I've carried it for the last 3 days every minute I've been awake. It tucks away in a pocket very easily, and completely disappears when I use the belt clip in side the waistband. I have my shirt tucked in and "bloused" out to cover the top. This provides total concealment, and relatively good access to the pistol. I will carry this gun with me everywhere, without regard to how I have to dress. It conceals well in jeans, Dockers and dress pants. During the winter, it will also be a back up gun, as I will carry it AND my Glock 23 whenever I can. The weight and size almost allow you to forget you are carrying it. I hope to have some extra magazines (3) soon and stashing them in other pockets probably won't be much of a problem.

Overall, I'm VERY satisfied with the P3AT. I like the extra power of the .380 ACP versus the .32 ACP, and I'm more than willing to give up a slide lock for it. The P3AT currently has a $10 premium over the P32, and I suspect that gap will widen. With the introduction of the P3AT, I'm sure that demand (and therefore prices) for the P32 will drop. I would like to shoot a P3AT and a P32 side by side for comparison. I suspect that the P3AT will be the ideal "purse" gun for women who have too much crap in their purse (like my wife) who want to carry something, but don't want the weight or size of a compact auto or even a 5 shot snubbie. So, I will likely buy another P3AT, or maybe even the P32, for the wife to use as a carry gun. The other gun that she has carried on occasion is a NAA 5 shot mini-revolver in .22 MAG. It is about the same weight, slightly thicker, less concealable due to the handle, and much less firepower. The NAA cost about $60 less, but given the drawbacks, I don't see why anybody would buy one now."

Since filing this report, I've had other people shoot about 50 more rounds through it, with no failures for any of the shooters. We shot some PMC 95gr FMJ's through it this time. Great little gun. I've carried it every waking minute since I got it, even when I carry my Glock 23.
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