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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/20/2002 11:48:47 AM EDT
I'm sure everyone has been following all of the hullabaloo with CSA and the "gray market" USP high capacity magazines. So what's the story? I thought this only applied to the USP45s, but CSA's website seems to say it applies to ALL high capacity USP magazines. Anyone know?
Link Posted: 8/21/2002 6:16:02 PM EDT
In reality, I would guess that it is likely that most of these mags were indeed made post 9/94, simply based on the sheer quantity of them very recently. As to whether or not they were smuggled in or brought in falsely under valid form 6's who knows. However, the point is that since real, preban mags did indeed exist, and there really is know way of telling a legit, unmarked preban mag from an unmarked postban mag, they are in fact legal to own or sell once in-country. The law states that any unmarked mag is presumed to be preban - it is the importation of postban mags (or the making of, if domestic) without LEO markings that is the illegal act. However, some of these mags being sold as prebans could potentially be marked with lot numbers by H&K, which could possibly be construed as a "serial number" - if known to be a lot produced after 9/94, you could potentially be violating the law. Out of my 5 postban mags, only 2 have lot #'s stamped on them. However, H&K has been very closed lipped on what the codes actually mean. If you check the HKPRO general discussion board, you should see a long running thread about deciphering the codes somewhere near the top ATM. Lots of people have matched up the (known) date codes on their firearms with the mags included at the factory to get an idea of the dates of the lot #'s.

FWIW, even though the USP .45 was not introduced into the civilian market here until 1995, it doesn't mean that there weren't a crapload of mags produced before 9/94. A few people recall seeing them (and report recall quite clearly, because of the high price and the fact that the gun was not yet available) in stores here prior to the ban. Pictures of production guns with 1994 date codes and serial numbers in the high double digits also have shown up in a couple gun rag reviews in the years past. If they guns were made in 1994, it would be logical to assume the mags were as well. As long as some mags were made prior to the ban, they pretty much have to assume that all unmarked mags are legal. HK USA claims they do not exist, but HK USA doesn't make anything - they are basically just a big warehouse. Perhaps HK USA did not import any themselves, but others can certainly legally import mags as well. AFAIK, HK O has not commented on the issue, and I have heard that HK USA tends to refuse the existence of any HK stuff here that they did not import themselves.

So... in conclusion - most of these mags were most likely made post 9/94 for markets elsewhere (and so are not marked LE use only). However, there's really no way to prove this and it is not really against the law to own them anyway. Possible if something happened, they could be confiscated as evidence in a crime (the importation w/o markings) or as contraband, but I don't think you could be prosecuted as an owner.

Page Handguns » H&K
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