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Posted: 8/4/2005 6:39:31 PM EDT
identical to the Beretta M9? I have a new one still in the box, unfired and wrapped
which came with one mag. I put it in the safe back in 7-'90. At the time, I was
told that all the parts of both machines were completely interchangeable.
True or False?

Link Posted: 8/4/2005 7:01:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/4/2005 7:02:23 PM EDT by sysop]
Well the parts may be interchangable but that doesn't really mean they are the same. I am not sure about the 92AF but the difference between the 92FS and the M9 is that the M9 has an aluminum guide rod, chromed barrel and chamber and parkerized finish while the 92FS has a polymer guide rod and the traditional Beretta Blue Finish.

There are probably some other differences but I am by no means a Beretta 92 officianoto. I've sold quite a few of them but the only Beretta I have ever personally owned is a 950 Jetfire.

Though if I ever run accross a Beretta Vortex .40s&w in Blue with Night Sights I doubt I will be able to resist taking it home.
Link Posted: 8/10/2005 4:25:37 AM EDT

Some parts like the barrel, locking block, and a couple other small parts interchange, but that's it. The rest of the gun is completely different. Even the mags are different. The Taurus has a frame mounted safety, and the Beretta has a slide mounted one. There's a pile of different features and parts on them. They are not the same gun, or clones.

Beretta had a plant in Brazil that Taurus took over. They made 92's there under license. As time went by, the two companies stopped talking to each other and the guns took similar, but different paths of development.

Taurus came out with the PT-92AF when Beretta won the M9 contract. The PT92 before that had the older style mag release low on the frame. Taurus moved it to the same position as the Beretta (though since they didn't talk, it resulted in a different mag release and different mags) to capitalize on the M9. At the time the PT-92AF was under $200 dealer price. They knew that people that couldn't afford a Beretta, or simply didn't want to pay for one, would have less of a problem affording the Taurus.

So they are similar in several ways, but different in many as well. Even the frame dimensions are different, and if you buy a holster for a Beretta intending to use it with a Taurus, you should check the fit first.

While the info provided to you was incorrect, you still have a fine gun.
Link Posted: 8/18/2005 9:06:47 PM EDT
You can make Berreta mags work by simply opening up the notch in the mag with a dremmal. IIRC, you need to open it downwerd, not up.
Link Posted: 8/22/2005 5:51:46 PM EDT
Thanx guys. Good info. I still have the receipt in which I
paid $348.86. The PT 92AF came with the Brazilian walnut
grips w/ the Taurus gold logo on both sides.

I will probably never fire the machine. It sure would be a
great item for the Taurus collector. Not that I want to part
with it, but I could be seduced if the right trade came along.

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