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Posted: 7/2/2015 9:15:36 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/2/2015 9:30:31 PM EDT by Machineguntony]
I am looking for info about the SW model 59 series

I am looking to make a project out of it.

To be honest, I am looking to make a super cool 'tacticool' gun. I want it to be stainless steel.

Any recommendations as to what I could do? I'll post some videos and post further details once I complete the project.

Whatever the final look or build of the gun, it must specifically be a SW 59 based.
Link Posted: 7/2/2015 9:29:15 PM EDT
Is this something you are going to plan out while you finish high school?
Link Posted: 7/2/2015 10:25:41 PM EDT
The 59 was one of the first high capacity 9mm. So it was cutting edge at the time.
Fast forward to today. It can be found on the used market, but their is very little in aftermarket parts for this gun.
1911's and Glocks have the most customizing options.
Link Posted: 7/3/2015 11:44:11 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/3/2015 11:46:27 AM EDT by VASCAR2]
The original 59 had an aluminum alloy frame which were annodized black or had a bright nickel finish. Only 659 and 5906 had Stainless steel slide and frame. The 5903 had a stainless steel slide and a silver alloy frame (last 2 digits designates frame 04 alloy, 05 steel, 06 Stainless Steel).

Here is a thread to the S&W forum, a lot of good information there on Gen 2 & 3 pistols.

Link Posted: 7/3/2015 1:40:27 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/3/2015 1:49:05 PM EDT
If your looking to put a sear in it, I'd look for a TSW gun to build off of. They have picatinny rail and were the latest of the 3rd gen S&W's.
Link Posted: 7/3/2015 2:41:17 PM EDT
I CC my model 59 sometimes but i have never been a great shot with it. The front sight is small, rear blade is pretty small also. The D/A trigger pull is a little on the heavy side and when the hammer is cocked in S/A the pull is long but nice and light.
Link Posted: 7/3/2015 5:05:22 PM EDT
Yes, I was able to acquire a SW sear. It will fit into any 59 model. After spending a night thinking and looking at gunbroker, im thinking I'll put it in either a 5906 Performance Center, or a 659 Stainless. I'm still researching.

I remember these guns in the 90s. Ive just never owned one.
Link Posted: 7/4/2015 5:10:57 AM EDT
Link Posted: 7/4/2015 6:10:59 PM EDT
I carried a S&W 59 as my first duty gun many years ago. I loved the gun, it was extremely reliable and accurate. Mines was the aluminum alloy lower with a stainless slide instead of nickel plated, I've only seen one other like it and I have no idea why it was different from all the others. Maybe the original owner had the nickel plate removed, if that's even possible. Stupidly, I sold it when I switched to a G21, not realizing the incredible sentimental value it would have to me. It was not only my first duty gun but my first handgun ever. I've searched forever trying to find another but that finish combo is all but impossible to find. I located one for sale but it had just sold hours before I came across it.

The guns later in the series are far more popular but dang I wish I had another 59. The later guns in the series are great choices for such a project, they are built like tanks and look great too.
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