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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/21/2003 7:23:34 AM EST
I'd appreciate some info. from those of you having experience with the Colt "Defender". I am considering one, and am getting conflicting stories from people at gunshows (of course), including "it's junk", "the slide hasn't enough size to cycle properly", and "look at all you see traded in". My be true, or possibly, "I have something else to sell, so the other guy's is junk".

It's all part of a "condensing" phase: having a few useful pieces, and less to keep up with. Right now, I have some nice .45's, including S&W 945's, but I want to stick to one manufacturer, similarity of parts and takedown, etc. The thing that bit me is I got a Caspian/Clark full size in a trade, and I really like it - if I had to drive tacks in an inaccessible place, it has the accuracy for it. So, it's either sell that (which I don't really want to) and keep the Smiths, and sell off another one or two other Smiths, or keep the Caspian and get the Defender or a Springfield Micro for carry purposes.

Also, any price info on the newly issued Colt 1911A1 reproduction/reissue?
Link Posted: 7/22/2003 7:41:18 AM EST
I know a couple of guys who carry them & they have no trouble. There'll be the usual Colt hit-or-miss quality, I would imagine.

At least with a Colt, you won't lose much $$$ should you buy it & not like it & sell it.
Link Posted: 7/22/2003 2:04:47 PM EST
I've got an Officers ACP which was the Defenders predecessor. The Officers ACP was problematic and it's idiosyncrasies were addressed in the Defender.

some reading Defender
Range Report
Defender refiew

All compliments of 1911forum.com

Ps................ I love my Officers ACP
Link Posted: 7/23/2003 5:39:27 PM EST
I collect COLT 1911's and I had a Defender when it firdt came out. The rear sight was not machined all the way and thus it always shot to the right. I was pissed,but, i carried it for a while until I traded it for a series 70 Gov't model. I have had them all and I still revert back to my faithful Gov't model.
Link Posted: 7/28/2003 4:07:52 AM EST
Thanks for the info and the references. Yes, there's nothing like a basic 1911 which has been just touched up a bit to be sure things run smoothly. I need something smaller to pocket, hence the Defender. I've also looked into the Springfield Micro, which seems decent.
Page Handguns » Colt
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