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Posted: 1/13/2005 1:04:17 AM EDT
I decided to polish the pings in my Glock 22 with my dremel (used jeweler's rouge). The pings were geting sharp and scratching the barrell lugs. Anyway I couldn't sleep so I decided to try something with the trigger feel. Mind you it is 2nd generation (got it in 2000) and I work at a gunshop. I used a half worn polishing barrell with jeweler's rouge on all of the trigger contacting parts. I polished it till the rubbing pieces look like chrome (tried not to remove any metal, light touch), Then I used Flitz metal polish to put a final shine with q-tips and such. I then put a light coat of Eezox on all the internal parts (not springs) for corrosion protection. I slapped that baby together and what a difference. Using all the stock parts, it feels a lot better than the 3.5# connector. It feels stock until you get to the end of the pull then it very smoothly drops the striker. The gun feels like it is more accurate. After a 1,000 rounds, no sign of wear (eezox) on the trigger parts. I thought I should share this and if I have any problems, I'll post it. Any signs of problems, I'm replacing the trigger parts with stock parts(cheap for me). Seriously, it feels so much better.
Link Posted: 1/13/2005 5:37:06 AM EDT
thanks for all that info but people have been polishing their triggers on GLOCKs for while. takes about 5 minutes if you know where to polish and there certain areas.

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