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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 6/23/2005 5:56:05 AM EDT
I've been wanting a Kimber for well over a year now and I finally broke down and bought one. It was a tough choice between the Warrior, Raptor, and Tactical Custom II. But I decided to go with what drew me to the Kimber in the first place and that was the Custom II. I've been drooling over it for so long that I figured I would have regreted not buying it. I debated the whole internal/external issue and decided I had to try it out myself. Plus I already have a railed handgun and wouldn't be mounting a light so the Custom was right for me. The Warrior was nice. The Raptor had some sex appeal to it but I saw no real advantage to it over the other two other then the uniquness..

I know this post is useless w/o pics so those will follow along with a range report. I am the best man in my brothers wedding this weekend and hope to take the wedding party out shooting before the bachelor party, so hopefully we can start breaking it in then.
Link Posted: 6/23/2005 12:59:21 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/23/2005 3:35:48 PM EDT
Getting that first Kimber is bliss. You'll enjoy it. Post a range report.
Link Posted: 6/23/2005 4:48:50 PM EDT
Raulin is right - getting your 1st Kimber IS BLISS!!! My 1st was a TLE. Now, I'm being pulled by a Grand Raptor which is cosmetically one cool looking handgun! Only problem is I can't believe the G-Raptor is any better made or any better shooting (accuracy/functioning/reliablity) than my TLE. After the 1st Kimber, you run into this thing where the 1st IS bliss, but another Kimber is MORE bliss! Bliss can be addictive!! Oh, what the hell, GET BLISSED!

Link Posted: 6/25/2005 10:43:08 AM EDT
Link Posted: 7/22/2005 9:43:15 PM EDT
I thought it was time to post a range report. I am having technical difficulty posting pics though. Well I haven't really had the time to go shooting like I was hoping but I have put around 300 rounds through it. I haven't had any problems with FTF or FTE with any of my Wilson or McCormick mags. I have had two FTF issues with the stock Kimber mag. One was the first round of the mag which I believe was operator error and one was the last round of the mag which I blame on the Kimber mag. The pistol shoots really well and the groups are narrowing with break in. I love the night sights and the 1911 is really growing on me. This is my first 1911 and I regret waiting this long to get it. I am very happy with the Tactical Custom II and don't regret passing on the Warrior or Raptor. It is light and fits my hands very well. Overall I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

I do have a question. I hear of problems using metal followers with the allow frames. Is this something I need to worry about and keep my eye on? My 8rd power mags seem to work very well and I would hate for them to cause my Kimber any problems. Any experience with this would be much appreciated! Do I need to be aware of anything?
Link Posted: 7/22/2005 10:47:51 PM EDT
Yes, if the follower is unsupported such as "Chip McKormicks" the steel follower will cut small groves into the frame just below the ramp. Wilson 8 or 7 rounders should be fine or Novak's, Ed Brown or MeGar's as long as the follower is supported at it's base in the front you should be fine.
Link Posted: 7/22/2005 10:56:30 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/23/2005 12:10:25 PM EDT
wecome to the Kimber world
Link Posted: 7/23/2005 12:14:26 PM EDT
Still saving pennies for mine...
Congrats I_H_R!
Link Posted: 8/11/2005 8:53:33 PM EDT

We'll see if I can remember how to post pics. Here it is finally. I've put around 5-600 rounds through it and the only problems were the two I described earlier. So far I am very happy with the Custom II. I have mainly shot WWB 230's but I also tried some Remington UMC 230gr hp's without a problem.
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