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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 2/13/2006 6:24:09 PM EDT
Nothing special but finally purchased a new Gen 3 G17 w/3 mags for the princely LEO sum of $399.00. Feels good and can't wait to shoot and see what its all about. I will be turning my current duty arm (S&W 659) back into the shop come Wednesday..
Link Posted: 2/13/2006 6:37:22 PM EDT
you will probably do what I did. Go back and buy 2 more. Got my 17, then a 30, and finally a 23. I love that LEO price.

If you are still carrying a 659, they have kept you in the dark ages. I got rid of my 659 in '92.

Have fun with your 17, and don't forget to pick up some 33 rounders from the guys on the EE.
Link Posted: 2/13/2006 9:04:34 PM EDT
Congrats. You will love it. Trijicons
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 3:33:59 AM EDT
you bought a great pistol. Congrats
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 6:54:58 AM EDT
Congrats and welcome!
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 7:29:44 AM EDT
Congrats! On the recommendations of members of this wonderful site, I just purchased a Glock 30! headbang.gif Though I am waiting to get home before I can shoot her.
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 5:01:09 PM EDT
thanks for the positive comments and yes my dept is stuck in the dark ages in regards to issued sidearm.

Philp110 take care brother and thanks for your service!
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 9:00:02 PM EDT
Yep a big +1 for glock and there LEO prices. I got picked up my G 19 today as a matter of fact. I had to wait 15 frecking days to pick mine up due to the waiting period for the city of shitsinatti ohio. There is no waiting period for LE but for everyone else there is. I'm fire / EMS so I had to wait. But I still got the same price as do the LEO $399.00 + tax. Gotta love the GLOCK.
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:38:57 PM EDT
Dark side? I think that you have finally seen the light. congrats
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:40:48 PM EDT

Originally Posted By sabre_kc:
Congrats. You will love it. Trijicons

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