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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/2/2002 11:05:44 AM EST
Just bought a Sig P220 yesterday evening at what I felt was a very reasonable price. This is an older Sig that must have been made back in the 1980's sometime because it still had W. Germany printed on the slide! It appears that someone just bought the gun new and sit it back and never used it. It is mint. I got it with the box, extra mag and instruction manual.

The pistol has terrific balance and a set of Hogue grips sure makes it feel great. I haven't had time to take it out for shooting yet and I am hoping it will perform well. What should I expect from this pistol? I have heard heard a few unfavorable comments about the older Sig's on here, but I am hoping my experience will be the same as with the newer ones. How do you like your P220's? Also, what ammo would you recommend for defensive use in these pistols? Since it doesn't have a full 5" barrel, what loads will ensure good expansion? Thanks.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 11:26:03 AM EST
I personally don't like the Sigs very much, but that is far more a personal issue than a mechanical issue. For my hands they are much like Ruger autos--they just don't feel right. But every one I have used has been accurate and reliable, and a lot of folks have been using them for a long time with great success. So, I'd say you've got a pretty good gun. As for ammo, it really doesn't matter much. In the overall scheme of defensive gun use, ammo is probably the least important factor. My standard advice is buy a few boxes of whatever modern designer ammo is on sale, make sure it feeds properly, and don't worry about it from tha point on. Your defensive ammo choice isn't nearly as important as your practice ammo, because the more you practice the better you will shoot (hopefully!).
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 11:37:31 AM EST
I had an older P220 that was an absolute tackdriver and 110% reliable to boot. Got rid of it and later wanted another so I got a new one. It wouldnt hit the broad side of a barn. Of all the Sigs I have ever owned, and that is pretty much the entire line, it was the only one that was a bad one.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 12:43:24 PM EST
i love my 220 two tone model, tack driver, 2500+ rounds, not one jam, oh yeah, it stays clean too, once a year it gets a bath
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 1:34:02 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2002 1:35:51 PM EST by SGB]
West German Sig P220 w/night sights

first 5 CCI/Lawman 230gr FMJ's out of it when I bought it. The single to the left was the first shot double action. I Love My Sig P220

edited to add I carry Corbon 230gr JHP+P
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 2:39:48 PM EST
mmmmmmmmmm, sig
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 5:51:17 PM EST
SIG, the best .45 out there. Speer Gold Dot 230gn.

Link Posted: 11/2/2002 5:56:51 PM EST
If you like extremely accurate, extremely reliable, controlable, easy to carry, high quality large caliber handguns....you got the right one
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 6:02:10 PM EST
i love my 220 its very accurate and reliable.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 6:59:59 PM EST
The sigp220 is one of the finest handguns ever made. Better trigger, equally reliable, more ergonomical comfortable grip than an hk or a glock. Equally durable (excluding the finish) to either glock or hk. Only drawback of the pistol is the finish on sigs tends wear off easier than most. Some people think the single stack mag is a draw back since u only get 7 or eight rounds depending on which mags your using but it makes the pistol feel SO MUCH better than the double stack design of both tupplewear pistols i mentioned above.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 10:06:32 PM EST
I have owned a P220 for years and I find it and its kin boring. Why? They go bang every time, don't jam, and are accurate. There just isn't any challange with a Sig P220. I prefer the factory grips to Hogues or Eagles and I have to admit I have yet to have to modify a Sig P220 in any way. My glove size is 12 (big). I only have two complaints with my P220. It doesn't like lead and I paid too much for it. I bought it new on closeout for $375:-) Regards, Richard
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 9:10:43 AM EST
I'm on my third P220 already. Have a WGerman old-school heel-mag release, a 1990 WGerman P220-American, and a P220ST. I love all three. The 220ST is by far the most accurate of the bunch, though a bit heavier. It has by far outshot a Kimber target and a USP Tactical.

Again the finish on the standard blued models and the older Kkote left a lot to be desired. I am NP3ing one of my slides. Will send another for chrome job or MetalcolIII.

You cannot beat a SiG for the money. People complain about their cost, but with the repetative performance you get there is no substitute. I picked up my most recent 220 (the 1990 american) for $400 used.
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