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Posted: 8/2/2011 4:49:25 PM EDT
I saw one of these little 9's for sale in a flyer recently. Looks like EAA is dropping them. The price is definitely right. Its Tokarev ancestry is quite obvious.

Any one have any experience with one? If it is as reliable as its ancestor, it should be all right. Of course, it has been cut down quite a bit. Does it have a 9mm length magazine, or does it use the 7.62 Tok length mag with a spacer?

How about the safety? Is it convenient to operate?

As you can tell, I can be talked into, or out of buying one.
Link Posted: 8/23/2011 3:04:55 PM EDT
No spacer, as slim as the pistol is the safety isn't hard to operate like a Beretta's. Mine only had 2 FTE in the first 100 rounds, the only other issue was sometimes the slide didnt lock back on empty. It was very easy to shoot, and I used it to train some friends that were new to shooting based on that fact. It was my bedside gun for 4 years or so before I sold it to a friend who's old lady loved the little bugger, they have continued to shoot the dickens out of it, and hasnt given them any problems (other than the slide not always locking back). Plan on replacing it with a CZ when I get back, I wanted to be able to have a light mounted on my home defense gun, but if I ran across another I would probably pick it up.
Link Posted: 1/2/2012 10:59:10 AM EDT
I don't know if this thread is dead now or not, today's Monday, first week of January, 2012...But I purchased a Zastava M88, 9mm Pistol some time ago and it shoots well, no problems, I sometimes carry it concealed carry as it's small, thin and easy to conceal..I carry jacketed hollow points of my own loading and I do believe it is ample protection. As I recall, I paid $295 for it...I never look for trouble nor a gunfught and I reside in a very peaceful, crime free rural area so it is very doubtful that I will ever have to use it in a bad situastion...Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso I will tote a .45 auto...
Link Posted: 1/2/2012 12:38:08 PM EDT
Sorry to be so late getting back to you. Thank you for the information.

I didn't purchase one. Perhaps I will if I find one available in the future.

It does seem like a nice slim design.
Link Posted: 1/15/2012 6:20:42 AM EDT
Is EAA still selling these pistols? I tried to get one but they said last year they did not have any. Thanks John
Link Posted: 1/20/2012 6:46:50 AM EDT
Originally Posted By jhc:
Is EAA still selling these pistols? I tried to get one but they said last year they did not have any. Thanks John

K-VAR is selling M88's for $279.

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