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11/20/2019 5:07:11 PM
Posted: 10/30/2009 5:13:10 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/30/2009 7:44:26 PM EST
I am looking for one to use with my PM9 and am leaning toward the Crossbreed Minituck since I have a Supertuck for my XD's and like it.

It looks like they make IWB model for the P series but with the laser guard.
Link Posted: 10/31/2009 4:02:18 AM EST
Blade-Tech IWB
Link Posted: 10/31/2009 5:22:51 AM EST
They have a 20% off sale today only.

Originally Posted By pokey074:
Blade-Tech IWB

Link Posted: 10/31/2009 5:53:23 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/31/2009 1:51:29 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 8:43:10 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2009 7:20:51 AM EST by Viper1357]
Originally Posted By coctailer:
What are you guys using?

I'm looking for a leather IWB and an OWB.

The P45 has less options than the other calibers it seems.

It seemed the same to me with my CW45 which is nearly identical (overall) dimensionally to your P45. What I found through accident (testing) and advice from some others, was that as long as you're willing to use "leather" instead of kydex or other molded polymers, we have more options than it seems.

As it turns out, many (not all) holsters marketed for the K40 in leather will fit quite nicely, and some are even tagged (package lable K40, P40, P45, etc..) as such. Also if you are not needing the exact molded fit, many 1911 officers 3.5" to 4" fit as well. You may need to manually work them a bit, by physically bending, kneading, (like breaking in a baseball glove, but no chemicals) and putting your pistol in a couple 5-10 mil plastic bags (depend on individual fit requirements) and sliding it into the holster for a day or two will give you a pretty perfect fit. Plus holstering, drawing, and reholstering, (similar to dry firing for trigger break in,) is also helpful for a good fit. There are other considerations like retention straps and snaps, friction fit, but you get the idea.

For me I have the following for my CW45, and all fit perfectly per above mentioned techniques:

1.) IWB: Gould & Goodrich 890 for model K40 ( you can see pics in the "Chamber carry thread") Nice friction retention after break in.

2.) OWB: Galco COP 3 slot series model CTS290B (again marketed towards K40, but has factory lable on bag for K9, P9, P40, P45) retention strap and snap. Fits my CW45 like a glove.

3.) OWB: Smith and Alexander 1911 Officers 4" model. This is a little tighter with my belt cinched tight, but it is an open top, so the friction retention is welcomed. Also there is about 1/2" extra leather longer than the muzzle, but for me I like the front of muzzle protected/covered.

Anyway, these work well for me, so maybe this will give you some ideas on what would work for you and others. Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 5:36:41 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2009 1:52:36 AM EST
Originally Posted By Blake:

Link Posted: 11/3/2009 2:02:11 PM EST
Originally Posted By coctailer:
Thanks Viper
I prefer leather actually.
I found the Gould & Goodrich 890
I couldn't seem to find the Smith and Alexander. Do you have a pic of that one by chance?
I'm starting to think OWB may be the way to go.
Also, do you think my XS Big-Dot sites will fit in these easily?

Sorry for the delay, but I was looking for info on the XS Big-Dot, and also had to get some pics together to help you see if these might work for you. I am not sure how much bigger the front sight is than factory, but maybe the pics will help.

Cocktailer: Look specifically at the muzzle pics from the OWB Galco 3 slot cop, and the OWB Smith and Alexander 1911, as they look to have plenty of clearance for a larger front sight.
IMO, the G&G IWB is the tightest of all of them, and the factory front sight drags just a little, I don't think that would work for you?

These again are what I use for my CW45 which I believe is pretty close to the P45 in OA dimensions. It's actually interesting how many leather holster companies list the same model number for the different KAHR model series pistols K through P, and also CW. Guess they figure the leather can be stretched.

Here are all the holsters I have for my CW45. From the left: Uncle Mikes IWB open top, Gould & Goodrich 890 IWB open top, Galco 3 Slot COP OWB w/retention strap, and finally Smith and Alexander 1911 OWB open top. The descriptions on "good and bad" is just my opinion, and of course might be different for someone else.

First the Uncle Mikes #16 nylon IWB open top.
The Good: Inexpensive, comfortable (as it is very soft/pliable), and I use it for around the house, the yard, in the console or glove box of vehicle, and on my desk as it draws really fast. The cant is nice as well. It's basically better than just shoving the gun in your waistband.
The Bad: Retention is almost nonexistent. Pure gravity and angle is all that holds it in. Casual carry is fine, but any jogging, jumping, etc, can allow the gun to easily come out. You just have to keep checking it, which can get annoying.

Next is the Gould & Goodrich 890 leather IWB open top.
The Good: Fairly inexpensive, fairly comfortable (after 8 hours it got a bit uncomfortable), excellent friction/shape retention for an open top as it was a tight fit from the start. No way the gun will come out by itself, but it draws with reasonable ease. The metal clip really holds onto belt/pants firmly. Perfect length to keep muzzle off clothes or skin.
The Bad: Not really bad, but just my opinion. Would prefer the 15-20 degree cant. Also, would like the extra leather tab on body side of holster to keep the slide/frame off my skin or undershirt.

Next is the Galco COP 3 Slot leather OWB w/retention strap and snap.
The Good: Reasonably priced, very comfortable with dual slot system for adjustable cant. Excellent shape retention and perfectly fitted length strap and snap for a "Jack Bauer" action lifestyle with ease of user to unsnap and draw, yet so close to the body, it would be difficult for BG to get at it easily. High riding to really help with concealment with almost any reasonable untucked shirt or jacket. Perfect length to keep muzzle protected from all by a direct hit on the barrel. Also interesting and handy it fits most all KAHR K, P, and also CW models. Have to work it for the .45's, but fits like a glove.
The Bad: Not really bad, but just my opinion. Would prefer closed muzzle for ultimate gun protection, but not worried about it.

Last, a Smith and Alexander 1911 Officers 4" leather OWB open top. (got it off ebay last spring)
The Good: Inexpensive, comfortable, fits well for a 1911 model, and retention is good for an open top. With my belt cinched reasonably tight, the gun rides close to the body and after working the 1911 style holster to fit my CW45, it does not move, but draws easily. It is also 1/2" longer and this completely protects the muzzle. Has that extra leather tab on body side that keeps the slide/frame off my clothes.
The Bad: Flattens out slightly after drawing which makes one handed re-holstering difficult if at all. Hard to say much else bad as it works well for not being made for the KAHR at all. I read somewhere that many 1911 officer style holsters can be made to fit KAHR pistols, and in this case it worked for me.

Hope this helps!
Link Posted: 11/4/2009 6:13:52 AM EST
I use a modell 1911 3 inch iwb holster on my cw 40 fits just fine however there maybe spec differences in overall size/shape between that and your pistol. Good luck on whatever you choose.
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