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Posted: 3/15/2005 6:14:03 AM EDT
My buddy and I are thinking of trying IDPA as soon as the season starts up around here (April) and I need a holster and some way of storing mags for my 1911. The only carry gear I have is for my Smith J frame so I am looking to buy whatever I need for the auto. I have been leaning toward the Fobus, but that is an option that I don't have to mail order. Seems like everyone has them on the shelves. Any input would be much appreciated on holsters, ammo, anything that I might need. Thanks in advance
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 6:25:30 AM EDT
Frankly, I think Fobus sucks.  Check out Blade Tech. They have an injection molded kydex holster and magazine carrier for an extremely reasonable price. I'm wearing the setup right now for my Glock 17 that I use here in Iraq.
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 6:36:43 AM EDT
Thanks Stony I agree with you on the fobus, they look crappy but I'll just be using it for matches and I don't want to spend a ton of money  getting into a new hobby if it does'nt "stick" I'll check out the bladetech right now, thanks
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 6:57:03 AM EDT
I really like the Uncle Mike kydex, but I heard that they are going to be illegal in the comp soon. They stick out too much I guess. I will be looking for another one as well. But as for the mags, I really like the Bianchi AccuMold 7320. Nice and comfy, and no straps to get  in the way. It's all personal preference. Go to Ammoman, Northwest Loading Supply, or the Sportmans Guide for bulk 45.
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 7:58:45 AM EDT
Weemer I live in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts there is no ammo mail order or mags or reloading components or anything that relates to evil guns. Thanks for the heads up on the uncle mikes. Do you know when they will be revising their list? It would be good to read up on new gear regs.
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 8:33:23 AM EDT
Your kidding! I don't read up much on your states regs, but damn...nothing gun related??? Never heard of such a thing. Yes, I must have been living under a rock on that subject. I'm from the mid-west. I feel for ya.

Go here for regs: Rule book

page 28

April 15 for holsters
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 2:13:18 PM EDT
If your looking for legal IPDA speed, then Heinie Or Ky-Tac (High cut).  These are the top two holstered used by the SCC shooters where 1911 single stack pistols are only allowed and speed counts).

As for a belt, Rescomp is the stiffest out and should be your only choice.  It's a two-piece belt, so the inner goes into your belt loops, and the outer Velcro’s' onto it to keep you legal (can become a pissing match on some shoots since the outer belt does not go threw the loops, but the outer belt without the inner lining will still fit into your pants loops when needed).

On the mag pouches, it’s just depends what you plan on shooting and want you like.  The Rescomps will allow you to go both single, and doublewide, plus will adapt to glock and Beretta mags. But these converted mag pouches are best suited for free drop runs since getting the empty mag back into the pouch is less than ideal on the run. Plus, because of the adjustability, you get into pissing match as your equipment is pushing into the speed rig category. To make life simple, just pick up a few Ky-tac mag pouches when you order the holster and be done with it. This way, when it comes time to shoot SSC, your ready to go.

Note on the Heinie, It’s fast but is leather.  This holster will break down due to wear and oils well before the Ky-Tac even starts to show wear.

P.S. Take all my advice with a Grain of salt.  I"m a USPSA/IPSC shooter were out of the holster and on target past the second mark puts you out of the hunt. If you want to go low budget, then the Fobus holster/pouches* on a K-mart belt will get you started in IPDA for under $40.

*on the pouches, you need to sacrafice a credit card.  Cut the card in two the long way, and insert the pieces threw the inner mag retension point loops to tighten up the holding power.

Link Posted: 3/15/2005 6:00:22 PM EDT
I'm sorry but I would skip the fobus.  If you are shooting local, non sanctioned matches, anything safe will work.  Uncle mikes paddle may or may not be legal depending on your build if I understand the new rules.   I would shoot some matches and see what the others use.  If you can't wait comp-tac is very popular in my area and would be a good place to get the mag carriers too.  www.comp-tac.com  Comp-tac kydex holsters are my favorite but understand your guns finish will get tested quickly.
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 6:23:05 PM EDT
thanks for the info everyone. Any other thoughts on anything else I will need? I'll be shooting my 1911. Ammo brands, how much to bring, how many mags should I have, any tips would be greatly appreciated. I shoot sporting clays and compete regularly but this is a whole new sport. I am looking forward to it and will probably watch a few meets before we shoot so hopefully I can educate myself fairly quickly on the way everything works. Anything would surely help me out since I can't even call myself a newb yet.
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 6:35:21 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/15/2005 7:26:54 PM EDT
I have recently been using a Safariland 5183 for my Glock 34.  Bladetech are probably a little quicker, but the suede lining of the Safariland might be friendlier to the finish of a 1911 and it is still a good fast holster.  Remember, that if you give this up, you can almost always sell a well made holster.  Also, avoid thumbsnap holster.  They'll make you use the thumbstraps and it's a PITA.  You'll want a good belt.  The most popular around here (and the cheapest) is the Wilderness Tactical Belt.  The 5 stitch version made in a width  for whatever belt loops you have.  I have good luck with my 1.5".  The Rescomp may be stiffer, but the Wilderness is all you'll likely ever need.  If you're looking beyond shooting, a well made leather gun belt by Galco, Wild Bills Concealment, etc., will be a great casual/dress belt.  (And it'll actually hold your pants up, unlike so many of the fashion leather belts!)  You'll need a concealment garment.  Something that covers the gun.  The 5.11 Tactical vest is most popular around here, but an old blazer, a farm coat or an unbottoned dress shirt will work too.  You can keep spare mags in your pocket, but a kydex holster from Fobus, Uncle Mikes, etc. will work better.  No need to get spendy on that.  Plan to hold at least two extra mags in the holder.

The round count limit on any stage is 18 rounds.  So, I would recommend at least three magazines.  You will be limited to 8 in the magazine and one in the gun for CDP so don't bother picking up the 10round IPSC mags.  Wilson 47D's are nice but the Chip McCormick work well too.    An extra mag is nice for "topping off."  That is, a magazine that you can insert into the gun, load the chamber then swap for a full magazine.  

Happy shooting.  It's addictive, so be ready for that.  Don't worry about shooting fast at first.  IDPA is biased towards accuracy anyway.  And don't worry about looking "silly."  The only people who embarrass themselves are the ones who let everyone know how great they are before hand.

Link Posted: 3/15/2005 8:18:24 PM EDT

thanks for the info everyone. Any other thoughts on anything else I will need? I'll be shooting my 1911.



If you’re running a 45, then the cost of a reloaded round is about $.006 running lead and about $.008 running jacket bullet (golden west 200 grain bullets). Yes you may only shoot a few hundred rounds during a meet, but it’s the thousands of rounds in practice/drills in between the shoots that really adds up quickly trying to burn factory ammo.

Also, don't know what division you will be running, but MPF is 175 and you want a load hovering just above 176 to tame recoil, and not be classified as a minor power factor. To find this in a factory load is a PITA, and as the chamber wears, the loads is going to drop speed (read less of a power factor, and may drop you to minor class).

MPF is bullet weight x bullet speed out of your pistol, then divided by 1000.
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