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Posted: 10/2/2004 4:10:30 PM EDT
Looking for pro's and con's on both of these for CCW. I want something light and small. Is the Kahr 9mm the same size as the .40? According to their website it is. It looks like the onlt difference between them is the 9mm holds 6, the .40 holds 5. The gunshop didn't have the .40 for me to compare.

Link Posted: 10/3/2004 12:33:05 AM EDT
I have a P40 and while it is a decent gun, the S&W 340PD is what rides with me all the time. I have held the PM 9 and while smaller than the P9, it would never replace the airweight snub for me. I also would probably not buy the .357 again but rather go with the .38...it should be more than enough for a hideout.
Link Posted: 10/3/2004 1:09:01 AM EDT
Well, having shot the Smith pretty extensively, I can say that, under most circumstances, power differential shouldn't be an issue. I say that because if you get the Airweight, you'll most likely not run a lot of .357 through it. After 5 rounds of yellow box Remington 125gr .357s in the Airweight, my hand is throbbing and after about 3 shots I get gunshy to the point I have a hard time hitting center mass at 15yds. Ergo, I usually just run .38 in it. Winchester white box .38 feels close to .44mag but is still relatiely comfortable and easy to shoot. So, to answer your question, I think I'd go with the Kahr, if for no other reason than I can put more rounds in it and still maintain about the same power level.
Link Posted: 10/6/2004 12:13:37 AM EDT
My two main carry guns are a Glock30 and a S&W 642 (.38spl .38+P)

I'm not familiar with the Kahr.

I love my G30 and shoot it better than most of my other guns.

The 642 is definitely a shorter range firearm for me than the Glock.

The 642 is WAY lighter than anything else I've carried except possibly for the KelTec P11 I once owned.

I know the +P in my 642 is enough for me to feel secure and the gun with a reloader is alot nicer to carry due to weight.

I also have a Ruger SP101 that I used to carry before I got the 642 - the Ruger is much heavier!

If I ever get another revolver, I'll get one with a 3" or slightly longer barrel and see how that works for CCW.

Right now though, I'm considering upgrading my holsters for my Kimber Classic custom and adding that to my CCW group.
Link Posted: 10/7/2004 6:32:43 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/7/2004 6:33:35 AM EDT by Richard_Oldfield]
A friend carries a PM9 and loves it. A word of caution is there is a recall out on some PM9s as they aren't feeding hollow points reliably. I see no reason to buy a handgun you can't shoot well and I do not know many that can shoot 357 Magnum Airweight/ Titanium Airweight pistols well. I would opt for a "Plain Jane" Model 37. I would also choose Corbon 110gr rounds and be happy. Regards, Richard:D
Link Posted: 10/7/2004 6:43:13 AM EDT
I have a PM9 and carry everyday. I have not had any problems with it and yes it was part of the recall. I sent it in and it was back 2 days later. I was very happy with the service. It has shot very well for me and I carry it in a Blade-Tec Ultimate concealment holster. I used to carry a Glock 17 before and the PM9 is really nice and compact. I have well over 4000 rounds through it and after the intial break in of 200 rounds it has not missed a beat. I had them install Night sites at Kahr when I sent it in..sent my slide as well as the barrel. I need to get out more and shoot in low light now. I trust it everyday and so do a few friends of mine who own Kahrs.... Enjoy the PM9!
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