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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/27/2002 7:03:17 AM EST
I bought one of the early P9s. Having owned a K9 for years and been thoroughly impressed with the quality and reliability, when they offered the polymer frame I was ready.

It popped off the tiny little square bit of plastic that retains the slide stop spring while firing the first magazine full. I didn't like the P9's slide stop anyway, so I just replaced with a straight pin and JB-welded the now un-needed hole in the frame closed. Looks like, well, like it sounds. But the gun is now thinner, the slide stop doesn't dig a hole in my hide when I just stuff it in my belt, and I don't really miss the slide stop all that much.

My question is: do the P9 and the MP9 still have that clunky slide stop that sticks out too far and is the slide stop spring still held in by that tiny bit of plastic?


Link Posted: 2/10/2002 4:49:36 AM EST
When I called Kahr they told me I have the new slide stop on my P40 Covert.

Link Posted: 2/11/2002 3:04:46 AM EST
Let us know how the new slidestop spring retainer works out. The plate popped of my P9 when I disassembled it, to clean it prior to shooting it for the first time and I don't like the screwed-on interim job. Kahr did take care of it, but I trust my K9 Elite 98 a lot more than the P9. Which is a shame, cause I really like the weight reduction of the polymer frame.
Link Posted: 2/20/2002 3:11:28 PM EST
Examined a P9 Covert last weekend at a gun show. The slide stop definitely didn't stick out past the slide as much as it did on my very early P9, but it did extend past the flat of the slide.

The dealer was reluctant to let me strip it, and considering why I wanted to, I can't blame him. Peering under the slide stop blade as best I could, it did appear to have the slide stop detent spring still retained by that tiny, thin rectangular chip of plastic. Couldn't tell if it was welded to the plastic of the frame like mine was, or retained by a screw.

The blob of JB Weld plugging the hole in mine still looks like crap, but it's also still there doing it's job of keeping dirt out after maybe 400 rounds, and the pin I used (another slide stop from a K9 with most of the blade ground off leaving a thin "head" or flange) still fits fine and stays in place just fine.

May rig something to retain it more positively than simple friction, but not until it bothers me a lot more than it does now. Plus my P9 is about as slim as it can be now.


Link Posted: 2/21/2002 1:13:32 AM EST
Thanks for the up-date, Pat.
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