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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/3/2002 9:57:28 AM EST
Went to my gun shop today and looked at buying my first pistol... I've been looking into a Wilson Combat KZ-Compact or KZ-45 but then I saw this beauty sitting there. It's such a nice feeling pistol but so are the 1911 style wilson combat ones also... I can't make my mind up! ARG! Prices are about the same for either of the 3 i've listed the H&K holds more in the mag and comes with a cool case that has a cleaning kit, 2 extra mag pouches, and some other goodies...

I know since im posting this in the H&K forum all yall are gonna say get the H&K but I'm jus looking for opinions. The guy I always deal with when I buy guns said they drop the Tactical from a helicopter over and over again and fire 30000 rds. through it and it never breaks not once.

But I'm jus looking for opinions.

Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 5/4/2002 10:46:21 AM EST
For a reliable take a lickin and keep on tickin gun, H&K's are tough to beat. However, all the ones you listed are great guns. The H&K will most likey hold its value a tad more though and would probably be the easiest to get your money back out of should you ever need/want to sell it.
Link Posted: 5/4/2002 1:00:51 PM EST
I'm prolly gonna get a HK USP Tactical
Link Posted: 5/4/2002 7:06:17 PM EST
I really like USP's. I had one a while ago, and sold it for about what I paid. Actually, a little more because I sold it with a holster I had made for it and some ammo. I just put money down on another .45 fullsize. I'm going to get a tactical barrel for it and use it for carry. I'm also thinking about getting a USP Tactical.

I know the fullsize I had... I shot many different types of ball ammo through it and never once had any malfunction of any kind. Some day I may pick up a 1911 style, just because I like the feel, but for now I'm sticking with my personal experience... H&K.

I doubt you will ever be sorry for getting one :)
Link Posted: 5/4/2002 8:17:24 PM EST
I went to my gun shop and handled it for awhile .. i kinda wanna see if the guy will lemme take it to the range and pop off about 50 rounds... i know him real real real well so im sure he wouldnt say no...

my brother has a USP compact and i looooooove how it shoots
Link Posted: 5/6/2002 9:14:40 AM EST
I own a Tactical and a Kimber 1911. They are both outstanding weapons.

The Kimber is a Pro Carry and I carry it concealed almost everyday. It's very reliable, or it would never find its way into my holster. It points very well for me, unlike any Glock I've ever fired. I've got about 15,000 rounds through it and have done a little work to it. The only maintenance I've had to do was a new set of Wolff springs when the original springs started to get a little mushy.

My Tactical is very accurate and reliable. The first group I fired after purchasing it came in at 13/16ths of an inch. It comes with the HK Match trigger, and I've Loc-Tited the overtravel screw in place to avoid any movement which could render the weapon incapable of firing. Since the grip-to-barrel angle is exactly the same as the 1911, I had no difficulty pointing it naturally. Ten round magazines are great. Twelve rounders would be better. I have a UTL II that I keep on the weapon for home defense, bump-in-the-night scenarios.

It's a little big to carry everyday, but I have a holster built for me by a friend that I have carried it in with no problems. My hands are plenty big enough to reach all the controls without shifting my grip, but I understand that this could be a concern for some.

You have a tough choice if it has to be one or the other. If you're looking for an everyday carrry weapon, I would recommend the 1911. If you're looking for the handgun I would choose if I was going to war tomorrow, I would go with the USP Tactical.

Enjoy whichever one you pick.
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