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Posted: 3/4/2002 7:54:45 AM EDT
A friend recently buried his wife (cancer), and to keep himself busy, took up shooting again. In his zeal to get back into it, (been 20+ years), attended the last two locals shows. 1st show, picked up a Ruger MKI, ok, so far as the 10 round MKII mags "work" in it and it shoots great. Then, he was so happy finding a factory hi-cap mag for his Glock 22 .40 cal for $40...till I saw it later. Yup, LE/Govt only. He was advised! Next show, he picks up a bag of RELOADS for the Glock...mixed brass, unknown origin, etc. He was again advised. Then he comes up with a Ruger P-89 W/15 round mag...or so he thought. I went to see his new toys and took the P-89 to my house for cleaning. Only to discover the "15 round" mag for a 9MM was a .40 cal! (pre-ban, 11 round). No biggy, while the gun was soaking, I reformed the lips to match that of the 9MM. Now that the gun is clean and I can see it close up, I noticed a piece missing where the slide stop passes through the frame! That was the dirtiest gun I ever had the pleasure of seeing! Quite like range rentals. I put it back together and dry cycled the .40-9MM mag...flawless. Then noticed oil coming from a crack in the back of the frame, where the web of the hand holds it! Not good! I have not told him yet. Would anybody else noticed the crack? (not even a hairline) I'm sure the seller knew! Looks like I may have to go with him, next show, for sure!
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 9:35:45 AM EDT
Good grief! Now why do gun folks take advantage of people like that? And a widower no less! That's horrible! If there is any way to return the P89 and the Glock LE/govt only mag to the sellers, I would go with him and raise holy hell! I'm afraid he's probably stuck with the reloads though, but I'm sure you advised him against feeding them to his Glock. I learned many years ago to stay away from gun show reloads. I got some .45 reloads once that were so weak they barely cycled the slide and were so unstable they keyholed sideways through the paper. Most inaccurate rounds I ever fired, bar none. I could almost swear I saw the bullets in flight!
Link Posted: 3/6/2002 4:53:05 PM EDT
Caveat Emptor, you really have to be very cautious when you buy anything, especially at Gun Shows when you don't know where the dealer will be next week.
These sites are a great place for newbies to hang out.
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