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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/25/2003 9:57:41 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/25/2003 10:02:31 AM EST by JimTh]
I went to the gunshow (Indy 1500) yesterday planning to pick up an XD9 subcompact. I've been looking and reading a lot about the different handguns and had settled on that one. I searched the gunshow throughout and only found one. It had a light attached. Hmmm. Will the dealer take the light off? No. He says the XD9 sub is better than the Glock because the same size Glock has no rail. Whoopty freaking do. I want it for concealed carry, I don't even want the light. And I'm not going to pay an extra $70 for the light. So, I keep looking. I spotted a Colt Mark IV earlier on and liked it. Small, 1911, not bad, used though. All the way on the far side of the room I found a Rock Island Armory compact 1911. Blued with mahogany smooth grips. I really like the way it feels and the price seems reasonable. .45 is better than 9mm right? I remember reading somewhere that the RIA's aren't bad guns. I recall being told that I could conceal a gun bigger than a subcompact. I look at it, one of the guys at the table talks to me a bit, I leave. Come back, leave come back and offer substantially less than what it was marked for. He accepts. I picked up a box of American Eagle hardball and a box of Hydrashoks. Happy, I went home.
I took it out this morning and here are the results:
30 rounds of AE hardball, no failures of any sort, very accurate at 7 yards, shoots point of aim. I, an inexperienced handgun shooter, managed a 2-2.5" 5 shot group at 7 paces.
~24 rounds of Hydrashoks..eek...I think 4 failures to feed. 2 were cases where the slide was locked stuck almost all the way open, 2 were where the slide was barely out of battery. In all cases the failure was easily cleared by pushing the slide forward or pulling it back and releasing it again.
It took me some time and a few comments from the GD forum, but I figured out how to field strip the thing (no manual). Inside of slide shows some machine marks as does the inside of the frame. The feed ramp on the frame appears to have been polished at the factory. The throat on the barrel was definitely not. I polished it a bit with my Dremel. I also carefully filed the throat chamber transition because it was pretty sharp. I'll take it out again soon and see if it helped. Accuracy with the Hydrashoks didn't seem that great, they seemed to be shooting low? I might have been flinching by that time also, I'm not sure.

Look for future updates.
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