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Posted: 5/13/2002 5:45:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/13/2002 5:47:43 PM EDT by Orion526]
Sup...I am tossin around the idea of getting my FIRST glock.  I am very partial to HK and SIG but, i have gotten interested in glocks lately.  I am favoring the glock model 27.  Wich, as you know is the sub compact model.  I am curious about the mag extension.  Do the mags that come with the gun have extensions on them?  I have seen several after market extensions that were availible for that magazine.  I kinda like the +1 extension made by scherer (in natchez catalog), for the model 27 wich ups the mag capacity to 10 rounds.  Are these good extensions?

I guess i need general info and pointers from yall glock experts.

And another reason i am lookin at glock is ALL the excessories that are availible for them.  By the way, the magazines are cheap too!

Thanks yall
Link Posted: 5/14/2002 5:00:15 AM EDT
Hey 526 the Mags do not come stock with the
EXT. . I use the Pearce +1 on my G-27.
You can get most stuff you need herewww.lonewolfdist.com Or herewww.glockmeister.com/ext.html

Good luck , Cmymud

Link Posted: 5/14/2002 5:14:03 PM EDT
Before I bought my G23, I looked at the G27 too and they're both for CCW. If you go with the G27 w/o the mag extension, it's conceal better than the G23 but if you go with the mag extension, they're just about the same side and that was the reason why I got the G23(10 rnds), it's all down to personal choices and what are you use it for, I'm happy with my G23 and have no problem to conceal it.
Link Posted: 6/9/2002 10:42:07 PM EDT
If I were going to do it over again, I would get a compensated model, and an additional non-compensated barrel. You can use either barrel with the compensated slide.

There are reasons to use non-compensated, but the compensated greatly reduces the recoil.
Link Posted: 6/10/2002 12:44:54 PM EDT
I also have a Glock 23. I found a 13 rnd magazine and added a +2 base. I use that mag for the glove box. When concealed carry I use one of my 4 10 rnd mags with a spare, usually the 13 rnd, in my pocket. It fits into my bike bag with the 10 rnd mag. very nicely.

ByteTheBullet (-:
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