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Posted: 2/14/2006 9:43:24 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/14/2006 9:46:01 PM EDT by jonathan1994]
Finally got ahead enough since Katrina and the wife's surgury to buy 3 new toys:
Glock 33, 34, 21. None ported, all 100% factory except I installed a 4lb striker spring in the 34 before I ever fired a shot with it. No lube was added before or during the shoot. All mags were brand new except 1 second generation with a +2 extension for the 34. I had 7 mags for the 34 and 21 each, and (2) factory 9 rounders for the 33 plus (3) factory 15 rounders. All guns had late January production dates on the test case bags. All empty mags were dropped on wet grass and not cleaned until the end of all shooting, but very little dirt or grass got on them anyway. One of the 34 mags got some gray MS clay on the follower about half way through. I wiped the smudge off with my fingers when I reloaded, but nothing more.

Range conditions were light snow at times and 5-10 mph winds. Temp was in the upper 30's to lower 40's and not very pleasant.

Glock 21
150 rounds of WWB Hollow points. Round 8 or 9 failed to feed. It jumped straight up in the frame and pointed up out of the gun. the bullet was caught between the slide and the barrel. The back of the case was pointing down and pushing down on the bullet to the next round in the magazine. Had to lock the slide back and pull the mag out to get the round out. After that, 100% bang and slide always locked back.
I found I could shoot this gun much faster than I could my HK Tactical, but I cant judge accuracy since my teeth were chattering at times.

Glock 33
150 rounds of WWB FMJ and WOW that little thing stings. I had a small bruise in my palm on Sunday from this thing, but it was worth it. 357 Sig is LOUD by the way. No failures of any kind, but the slide would not always lock back with Glock 31 mags. I found the gun to be very quick and much more managable than the 29 I had been borrowing before. Not to mention noticably smaller, lighter, and easier to conceal. It took 3 weeks to find any hollow points for it locally though.

Glock 34
4# striker spring installed before any shots fired
Came factory with 3.5lb connector
I had 1300 rounds of WWB FMJ, but only shot about 700 of that. 100% go bang with no failures. The slide NEVER locked back with the 2nd gen mag with the extension. The slide only locked back about half the time with the other 6 new factory mags, but that might be due to the underpowered Winchester bulk ammo. Near the end of the session the slide started locking back more like 3/4 the time. I did some of the fastest shooting I have ever done. Partly because I had never fired more than 200 rounds through a gun in one session before saturday, but partly because I was actually getting used to the gun and spending time concentrating on learning to control the front sight, grip, and trigger control. At any rate, it was satisfying to be able to put controlled doubles on a 12" steel plate at 7 - 12 yards before it could fall over for the first time in my life (just like all the gun magazine writers do all the time ).

My next step will be a Henie race cut rear and Dawson Fiber optic on front of the 34 with a 6 lb wolf trigger spring. And a couple of Arrendo +5 extensions for IPSC.

The 33 will get a set of XS Big Dots and a holster that hasnt been stretched out by a borrowed Glock 29

The 21 will get a set of Truglo Tritium Fiber Optics as soon as they come out with red or amber rears and a few Arrendo +5 extensions for IPSC. I am also strongly considering a grip reduction....who does good ones?

During this session, I used countless staples, every paper plate my mother had, and all my old High Power Rifle targets. I had a 10"x12" steel beam for a popper and used every sticky I could find plus some masking tape for pasting targets. The low and 5 yards out target had a hole behind it big enough to bury 2 basketballs flush with the ground.

Our rentor from 1/4 mile down the road came over the next day to pay rent and said " your son visit again... I hear bang bang bang machine gun all day yesterday"

Despite hearing protection, I had a slight ring in my ears that night.

It is not easy to shoot 1300 rounds in one day .


PS...I did cheat the weather one way. After emptying all mags, I would go inside and reload in the warm Kitchen. I took an extended lunch too
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 10:49:36 PM EDT
Thanks, Great write-up!
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 4:06:35 AM EDT
Before you do the grip reduction on the 21, better check the rules.
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 6:37:10 AM EDT

Originally Posted By 3gundave:
Before you do the grip reduction on the 21, better check the rules.

Link Posted: 2/15/2006 6:47:43 AM EDT
great report!

try glock's thumb saver for loading....it helps a little
Link Posted: 2/16/2006 6:14:43 PM EDT

Originally Posted By 3gundave:
Before you do the grip reduction on the 21, better check the rules.

I dont care if IDPA or IPSC says its against the rules. It will still be my nightstand gun and I still have the 34 for pure competition. My hand barely fits the 21, but I would like it just a touch smaller. My finger has a tendacy to walk too far on the trigger with the small frame glocks, so a reduced 21 should fit perfect. Most places in MS would not care if you had a little tweaking anyway.

PS.... I have all the mag loader things for the glocks, but loading ~1000 rounds is still loading ~1000 rounds no matter how you do it.
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