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Posted: 8/18/2004 4:13:06 PM EDT
Apparently Colt and Gunsite are resurrecting the CCO! The Gunsite smith was in the Colt forum on 1911forum.com stating he had several prototypes. They`re going to have an alloy frame, series 70 commander slide with a Heinie front sight and Novak rear sight. They have a hundred pistols on order and are taking reservations. Just thought people would like to know!
Link Posted: 8/18/2004 5:28:59 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/20/2004 6:50:49 PM EDT
Very cool! I was thinking of picking up a Kimber 45, commander size, next, but no longer!

Link Posted: 8/20/2004 8:29:50 PM EDT

Originally Posted By AZ_Dragoon:
Very cool! I was thinking of picking up a Kimber 45, commander size, next, but no longer!


Nah, just get both. It is the ARF way.
Link Posted: 8/21/2004 9:03:32 AM EDT
Yeah, you are right. Lets see, before the month is over I hould have one Kimber, one Colt CCO on reserve, and 2 new AR-15's. Darn, hope my 4X4 Toyota sells soon.

Link Posted: 8/21/2004 6:56:10 PM EDT
It would be nice is Colt shipped these out with night sights. C'mon COLT!!!!
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 9:19:24 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 8:47:48 PM EDT
Hey guys.
I was lucky enough to be the guy to post the pics of the new CCO. Cory at Gunsite sent them to me tonight.

Here is a LINK to the 1911forum thread.
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 8:52:28 PM EDT

Originally Posted By iNuhBaDNayburhood:
That's kewl.

I'm Soooooooooo happy to say that this past week I bought my first ever 1911A1 handgun. It's a Colt Mk IV Series 80 C.C.O.! These little C.C.O. handguns are FANTASTIC! Why on EARTH did Colt EVER think of discontinuing them??? I am so happy to have one of these babies that words cannot describe!

It's got 2x 7rd Colt brand mags, and it really IS in a kickass setup!

It's 100% reliable, never failed yet, and I got it (barely) used for about ~$440.00!!! (Local gunshop was clearing inventory, every gun 10% to 50% off)

I must honestly say that the C.C.O. Colts are VERY nice! Now having a 1911 of my own, and one so F#CKING AWESOME, is like having a dream come true. I've wanted one since I was about 8 yrs old, and now I have a Colt 1911 (and it goes quite well with my CCW permit)!

$440 is a STEAL! That gun would have sold for $650 in the EE and $750-$850 on gunbroker. I have a CCO also, and it is my everyday CCW. Don't ever sell it. You will never find a better CCW, especially for that price. Jeez!
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 8:54:59 PM EDT

Originally Posted By SP10:
It would be nice is Colt shipped these out with night sights. C'mon COLT!!!!

Sorry. Cory said no NS on these. That way, you get to pick the ones you want. It is after all a semi-custom pistol. I asked Cory about Gunsite installing NS as an option , but no answer yet.
For now, they ship with plain black Novak in the rear and Heine in the front
Link Posted: 8/27/2004 9:48:59 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/27/2004 9:51:18 PM EDT by iNuhBaDNayburhood]
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 5:57:36 PM EDT
Well, I just took a pistol class with Giles Stock this past holiday weekend. Excellent experience all around. I spent an hour or 2 reading about the full size Gunsite pistol today on the 1911forum. I'm in the market for a quality fighting .45....decisions decisions.
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 5:58:42 PM EDT

CCO........there is no substitute. But mine cost more thatn $440. Try $640 shipped.
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 6:02:03 PM EDT
Well....I tried to put post a pic.

One more try.

Link Posted: 9/8/2004 6:03:00 PM EDT
Help me out moderator.
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 6:32:00 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 6:40:50 PM EDT
Thanks very much. What did I do wrong?

Link Posted: 9/8/2004 6:56:01 PM EDT

Originally Posted By iNuhBaDNayburhood:

Originally Posted By boggy:
Help me out moderator.

I'm not the moderator, but here's the picture of your C.C.O. 1911...

The COOL thing is that mine looks EXACTLY like yours does!!!

You've got great taste in firearms...

That looks like mine too. It has to be the BEST looking 1911 Colt ever made.
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 7:01:30 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 7:02:10 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 9:30:59 PM EDT
Now I got to get one. How much are the new ones going for?
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