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Posted: 9/11/2004 9:36:56 PM EDT
I seem to have been hearing a lot more about 10mm lately in the last six months or so. I never really knew much about it but I have seen several people with G20's and G29's at the ranges and have read several articles about 10mm. My local gun store said they have sold several 10mm pistols in recent weeks which is unusual.
I have an opportunity to buy a used but unfired G29 for a very reasonable price. I understand that the 10mm isn't the most common caliber, but my local gun store stocks some 10mm ammo, and I found that I can order ammo from various sources online. I have read some older gun mag articles that complain of over-penetration, massive recoil, and call 10mm a "dying caliber". That seems to be contradictory to what I have seen and read. 10mm seems to have an extremely zealous following and seems to me to be on the rise.
Anyone have any input or suggestions? Should I dive into the world of 10mm?

Link Posted: 9/12/2004 4:56:58 PM EDT
I just got a G20. I have not shot it yet, but for some strange reason I wanted a 10mm.

Link Posted: 9/12/2004 6:23:25 PM EDT
it's a great round to shoot in the glock platform. Lots of fun. Lots of muzzle flash, lots of bang. Really gets the attention on the line. Not too cheap but it's not that bad. I'd go with a G20 over the G29 though. That caliber needs a full size IMO.

Link Posted: 9/12/2004 8:57:33 PM EDT
Having owned a G29 for the past three years I would have to say that I highly recommend buying the gun. Granted it depends on your needs from the weapon. I purchased mine as a woods and cold weather carry gun. It really excells in those areas. It is the same size as a G30. I have not had a problem carrying it concealed when I felt the need to move up to the 10mm. The recoil is not that bad even with hot loaded Double Tap ammo. This gun is one of my most accurate weapons just behind a Wilson and a kimber. I really can't say enough good things about this gun. The round is in my opinion one of the most versatile rounds there is. You can use it for anything up to Grizzly. Good luck making your decision. If you go with G29 I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine.
Link Posted: 9/13/2004 7:01:03 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/13/2004 7:04:23 AM EDT by Bear_B]
The 10MM has been out for some time and is offered in both autos (like your Glock) and revolvers.

IT does seem that 10 MM has a very devout and diehard following and I certainly dont think its a dying caliber (at least I hope not since I just put a G20 on layaway).

Last weekend a fellow had a G20 (just like the one I have on layaway) on the range. J is right... makes a hellofa big bang, and spits flame like a dragon. WAY COOL!!!

As far as defensive capabilities the 10mm is powerful... very powerful but with good hollow points I wouldnt worry any more about over penetration than I would any other caliber.

Besides... have you ever seen videos of actual police shootings? I have... and I have noticed one thing here that I think is relavant to your question... they miss. A lot.

One video was of two state troopers pulling over an suv. The passenger came out with a gun and circled to the rear side of the suv, and the trooper was on the driver side of the suv (both at the back of the vehicle) and were probably 25 feet apart give or take.

The passenger shot first... the trooper drew and returned fire... they both fired several times at each other... there was probably 20 rounds exhanged between the two of them.

Neither one hit the other.

Okay my point is this... over penetration is not an issue. Not because of the caliber, but because if you get into a defensive shooting, you are probably going to miss at least once. Probably more. After all the police are far more extensively trained than most CCW citizens are and they can miss when firing under stress... so can you.

So i wouldnt worry about your bullet going thru a BG and then striking another target... worry about the possible misses.

There are some GREAT training classes available. One school near my area states on their website that once you complete their series of classes, that you will be more extensively trained with your weapon than most police officers are.

Its a tad expensive (300$ for the first 2 day class) but I think its well worth it.

As far as good places to buy 10MM ammo, on-line is usually best....

Places like www.ammoman.com can be your best friend. Also try www.natchez.com.

I like ammoman best... I order from him nearly every month and his service is always top notch and he does not charge for shipping... the price you see on the site is the price you pay.

Right now he has 10mm FEDERAL J.H.P. BONDED 190 GRAIN - JACKETED HOLLOW POINT $149-500 Rounds
$269-1000 Rounds

Considering that .45 ACP (Federal brand like the 10 mm) $129-500 rounds.
$229-1000 rounds...

So you can see that there is not a whole lot of price difference. I hope this helped. Congradulations on your purchse!!

Link Posted: 9/14/2004 5:33:28 AM EDT
Go for it, they are great guns and caliber. I have a 29 that has been great.
Link Posted: 9/14/2004 6:10:50 PM EDT
I have shot both and in the future will most likely buy a Glock 29. The 10mm is not going anywhere anytime soon, but if you did buy a 29 and the 10mm dies out, you could always get a .40 bbl. for it (might even want to for the range). Check online, you will find some of the places selling them...
Link Posted: 9/14/2004 6:29:47 PM EDT
Two words concerning your considered 29 purchase.

Get It.

I just got back from the range (and I feel great). Put 100 rounds of ball (and 5 rounds of Pow'r Ball) through my 29. There is nothing dainty about this pistol or round, lemme tell you! It's been about three hours and I can still feel "that feeling" in my right hand. It reminds of me of the good old days of .357 and .44 mag revolvers, several hundred rounds of ammo, and many well-whacked silhouettes.

You touch this little hand-cannon off and you KNOW it! It's not too much to handle, by any means. You just have to keep the fundamentals solid while you distract everyone else on the range.

10mm's not going anywhere anytime soon. Trust me.
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 3:00:25 AM EDT
I hav owned several handguns in 10mm (Colt Delta Elite, EAA and Glock). I own the G20, have shot and will own the G29 in the near future. The glock handles the recoil of the stout 10mm better than any pistol listed above. As far as ammo goes, I look at it this way. I have several pistols in .40, and the 10mm and .40 shoot the same bullet, I just keep all my brass and reload. So nce you build up a couple thousand rounds of brass you are pretty much set for a while, reload and keep shooting. I feel very comfortable going out camping and hiking with a 10mm. Mix some fast 135gr HP with some 200gr FMJ and/or 190 BC and I feel very confident that what ever I run into two legged or four, will not be getting the better of me. The other great thing is that the mags are inner changeable. I would just use my G20 mags in the G29 so I could have a place to put my pinky.
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 10:58:50 AM EDT
never shot a 29, but my g20 shooting the badass silvertips recoiled less than the fbi smith i shot with reloads. ammo is sorta a problem- it's been pussified. the original loading was a 200gr bullet moving at just under the speed of light. now a 170 gr at 1250(?) is like the best you can do.
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 11:23:22 AM EDT
I have a G20 and I have to agree with other recommendations about Doubletap ammo. It hasn't chronographed for me quite as hot as advertised but it is a lot better than anything offered by the larger commercial makers. Still, it delivers power levels north of my 4" .357 revolvers and my G20 can hold (now) 15 rounds in a magazine.

I bought my G20 as a backcountry pistol and for when I tend my beehives (black bears love bees). I haven't had to use the pistol yet on a bear but the pistol sure is a comfort if I find one of my hives missing. I think the G20 offers a lot for a "woods" use pistol. It is also legal to use for deer hunting in my state (N.H.). You can use a handgun in towns that are shotgun "only". Go figure. Anyway, the pistol shoots well and has been reliable for me. The only modification I made to the G20 was to put a 3.5lb connector in it to lighten the trigger pull. It made a difference.

The 10mm cartridge is a keeper for me. I plan on getting a replacement barrel for the G20 chambered in .40 S&W in order to save some $$ on practice sessions. Ammo cost and availability is the biggest downside with this caliber. That said, I hope the 10mm gets more popular. It deserves to be.

Best to you,
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 11:26:02 AM EDT
I have a Dan Wesson Razorback. It's a 10mm full-size 1911 pattern gun and I love it!
Link Posted: 9/15/2004 1:47:33 PM EDT

Originally Posted By wheredidthatcomefrom:
The other great thing is that the mags are inner changeable. I would just use my G20 mags in the G29 so I could have a place to put my pinky.

The Pearce floorplates are a GREAT addition to the regular mags. I agree about the G20 mags, too. Add an A&G adapter and it's even better.

I actually carry my 29 like that when I'm wearing a jacket.
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