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Posted: 5/19/2002 4:18:50 AM EDT
The other day I was at the local gun dealer. Knowing that I like S&W revolvers he told me he had a 520 in stock. I bent down to look in the counter ...

and there, behind the 520, was what looked like a brand new Model 27.

I was dead meat. There it was, staring right back at me, reaching out and clutching at my every emotion.

Well, a round trip home to grab a SiG 2340 with both of the barrels and that M-27 was mine. And so now I am out of the 40S&W and 357SiG world. In the future, 357 will mean 357Magnum and 4 will only preceed 5 as in 45acp, the way that GOD intended it to be.

So now the model 27-3 will take it's place along side the model 28-zip and my M-19.

Link Posted: 5/19/2002 4:29:51 AM EDT
A true love story, indeed. Brings back fond memories of one Model 27 affair I had...a 5 inch nickel. I will never meet anyone like her again. [>Q]
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