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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/1/2006 2:03:18 PM EST
What would your second (or equal) choice be to a Glock?
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 2:35:33 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 2:39:59 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 2:40:35 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 4:56:28 PM EST
USP, SIG, 1911
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 5:01:14 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 5:05:16 PM EST
As far as a centerfire pistol goes I dont see the need to go outside of what I know works, Glock a quality 1911 or a C7-75
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 5:39:49 PM EST
Another identical Glock. One I carry, one I shoot the bejeebers out of at the range every week. That way my carry gun's springs stay good but I have the exact same trigger, sights and mag changes to practice.

Link Posted: 1/1/2006 6:50:19 PM EST
Concealability...... Kahr

Home Defense..... Remington 870

Convienience....... S&W Airweight J-Frame

Zombie Attack..... Colt M4 w/ all the bells and whistles

Practical........ Save up and pay to get professional instruction at a quality school

"Fear the man that ownes one gun......... He may know how to use it..! "
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 6:58:31 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 7:41:56 PM EST
First a 1911, then...
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 7:43:03 PM EST

Originally Posted By GUNGUY1911:
First a 1911, then...

a Glock

That's the way I did it
Link Posted: 1/1/2006 7:44:27 PM EST
My second choice would be whatever I like the controls on and fit my hand.

If you have already made this decision on a glock.... then the only other obvious choice would be handguns very similar to the glock, like the SA XD.
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 12:00:32 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 4:16:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/2/2006 4:21:55 PM EST
First the 1911 then the Glock
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 8:14:48 AM EST
Check out a SIG P229 DAK. Feels like the slide is on ball bearings compared to the glock, but heavier. I don't carry mine but I do shoot it alot. My G27 feels way better when carried IWB than the SIG. IMHO
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 10:26:23 AM EST

Originally Posted By Chinook:

Link Posted: 1/3/2006 4:11:56 PM EST

Originally Posted By AR_Ron:

My second choice as well
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 10:36:02 PM EST
if you want a pistol that will NEVER die- beretta 92.
Link Posted: 1/3/2006 11:03:22 PM EST
Another Glock
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 6:19:48 AM EST

Originally Posted By BerlinVet:
What would your second (or equal) choice be to a Glock?

Another smaller or larger Glock & an AK47.
Link Posted: 1/4/2006 9:08:06 AM EST
Another Glock or a USP.
Link Posted: 1/5/2006 1:53:42 AM EST
Glock 20
Link Posted: 1/5/2006 2:04:20 AM EST
Actually I bought a 1911 ... and then a Glock .... Once I have a revolver I'll be all set ....
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 9:38:39 AM EST
....The M16 that I used to protect my life when I was on riverboar patrols in Vietnam ... Vote for me!

Sorry, I had to say it....
Link Posted: 1/6/2006 5:28:16 PM EST
Sig or 1911
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