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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/6/2006 10:27:01 PM EST
How are they? Any Good?

I like the HP pattern, but Brownings are few and far between 'round these parts.
Link Posted: 1/7/2006 9:57:20 AM EST
$400 FN BHP

Link Posted: 1/8/2006 4:12:15 AM EST
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Link Posted: 1/11/2006 1:16:49 PM EST

Tough question. I have one that is pretty nice. It's an older "copy" of the Milspec BHP. It has the scalloped slide. It was made in the early 70s and the steel is pretty hard. The frame is much harder than the slide (I know this because I stippled the gun.) It has been shot a bit, and I haven't noted any undue wear or anything that concerns me about longevity, but I'm not intending to burn 10,000 rounds through it either.

There has been talk - and so far no substantiation that I have heard of - that the current crop of FMs are soft. I have heard it said that the "Detective" slides offered in Shotgun News may be soft. I can't say for certain. I'm happy with mine. I feel you might be better served to watch out for a Browning and save your pennies for down the road.

Dan C
Link Posted: 2/10/2006 12:27:12 PM EST
Very good information on FM HiPower and history at: http://bersatalk.com/forums/8028/ShowPost.aspx

Greetings from Argentina!

Exactly as in USA, in Argentina there are many Law Enforcements and Province (State) Police Departments. For example, "Polic燰 Federal" is something like USA FBI. This Institution is one of the Bersa Thunder users, but this doesn mean that other handguns are out of use.

Even when in Argentina, Bersa gives full lifetime guaranty, most of argentine military and police officers prefers FM Hi-Powers because of it trustworthiness, mechanical precision and simplicity, accuracy, spare parts availability... and it also a well known old friend!

FM (acronym of "Fabricaciones Militares" ["Military Factories"]) is the most important weapons factory in Argentina, with the highest level of quality and development as any other "First World" company. Some of it products are: hand guns, rifles (FM FAL and FAP, under FN Herstal licence; FARA 5,56), submachineguns (FMK3, FMK4), heavy machineguns (MAG 7,62; Browning M2HB QCB cal. .50); howitzers, mortars, ammunitions, explosives, gun powders, grenades, rockets, missiles, and more.

Early `60s decade, first HPs 35 were imported to be tested by the armed forces. This model had internal extractor and fixed sights. On 70`s Fabricaciones Militares begun it fist production, under FN Herstal license. Those guns were used by the Polic燰 Federal, and had impressed it coat of arms and this legend on the slide:




On the tight side of the gun, on the barrel, the slide and the frame was impressed the serial number. This model was also supplied to the armed forces. It was matte black blued and phosphate ?finish, with fixed sights and a security ring attached on the grip to secure the gun to the user with a cord. The hammer was rounded with external fifles and a center hole. Small amounts of other model were also produced, including adjustable sights, wooden grips, golden details and artistic engravings.

Time after begun the production of COMANDO model, with full adjustable sights, bright black blue, checkered walnut grips; the TROFEO model, idem previous but chrome finished and engraved; the MILITAR model, idem COMANDO but with different finish treatments: matte and bright chrome, matte and bright blue, and gray phosphatized. On late 80愀 some projects were developed based upon the M-90 models (with 2 versions: MILITAR and DEPORTIVA), and DETECTIVE models (also with 2 versions: PRESIDENTE and PLATA).

An 1988 finished the FN Herstal license, and begun the local development and production without licence. The M-90 is an evolution of the MILITAR model, introduces a 14 cartridges magazine an 3 dots sights, longitudinal rifles on the slide and new grips. Detective model is the compact version of the M-90, using the same frame but with smaller barrel and slide. When Detective was discontinued, a conversion kit was launched to the marked, including smaller barrel and slide, ready to install in every previous models from FM, FN, and other manufactures.

It is remarkable the local development of a double action version based upon the HP35, called DAM-90 and DAM-90 COMPACTA.

On late 90愀 Fabricaciones Militares redesigns the M-90, introducing some improvements as better sights (replacing the 3 dots sight, with 3 bars sights), firing ping safety, ambidextrous safeties, new grips and 14 cartridges magazine. This model had 2 versions: CLASSIC and DELUXE (matte nickeled, walnut checkered grips and golden trigger and hammer). On 2001 the pistol was again redesigned, and begun the production of M-95. This model was soon also improved and transformed in the MODELO M-02 AR (AR= acronym of "acci鏮 r嫚ida" or {fast action}) using the SFS (safety fast shooting) system and 15 ammo MEC-GAR magazines.

About the whole line of versions it is remarkable the production method, including cold-forged barrels and sophisticated CNC slide making machinery.

On 2003 was introduced the M-02 AR, a .40 S&W variant of the M-95 and M-02AR.

If you want, I may send you some pictures an technical information about FM Hi-Powers, via e-mail.

I hope you have understood my english!

Enrique Solis - "Mauser765Arg" - Argentina


Link Posted: 2/11/2006 1:40:24 AM EST
I have an older Argentine FM that was the "under license" type (i.e. direct clone). That one is a nice gun, never fails to work, and is darned accurate. I owned one previously that I sold to a buddy of mine to be his house gun, and it was a 100% running gun as well. He still has it 20 years later, and it still does has the job of house gun and still runs 100%.

The old ones at least in my experience have been fine.

I know nothing about the newer ones personally.
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