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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/6/2005 8:56:21 PM EDT
I am having a problem finding a black duty basket weave duty holster for a XD 40, 5" barrel. Does anybody know if a holster for a Glock will work ? I have been looking on the popular brnads web sites to avail. I see some holster for tactical aplications. I can not find one for my duty belt for regular patrol.
Link Posted: 10/7/2005 9:41:22 AM EDT
I would think it would be a bad idea to use a holster meant for a different pistol. It can lead to retention problems, and I don't think that's something you want, especially if you're a police officer.
Link Posted: 10/7/2005 11:04:24 AM EDT
Brandy at Springfield sent me this email. I have found what I need.

Thanks Brandy,



*XD 9mm & XD 40 S&W

60004 - tactical holster

6280 - duty holster

6281 - conceal carry

6285 - duty gear drop down (1 ½” down)

6518 - paddle – concealment

56280 - levitation version (light weight)

56285 - levitation version (light weight)


6280 - duty holster

6285 - duty gear drop down (1 ½” down)

60004 - tactical holster

**When ordering with Safariland, specify type of gun with model number**


· XD 9mm & XD 40 S&W

FL440 -Fletch right high ride w/thumb break (L.E.)

EXP228 -vertical shoulder holster right (conceal carry)

EXP229 -vertical shoulder holster left (conceal carry)

· Micro Compact

CCP424 -conceal paddle right

CCP425 -conceal paddle left

· Compact (3 ½” BBL)

AV218 -Adventure Open Top Belt

CM218 -Combat Master belt right

CM219 -Combat Master belt left

CON218 -Conceal Open Top right

CON219 -Conceal Open Top left

DC218 -Deep cover inside pant right only

PHX218 -Dual position cross or strong side right

PHX219 -Dual position cross or strong side left


*Universal Speed Holster 1911 – Kidex for competition (didn’t know if it works for XD)

Uncle Mikes

*XD 40 S&W

Size 16 hip holster w/thumb break (sporting)

Size 25 Pro 3 (level 3 safety) Law Enforcement

Size 25 Dual retention (level 2 safety) Law Enforcement

Super belt size 30 (can be L.E. or sporting)

**All are Nytek, which is a nylon product that looks like leather


* In production

De Santis

* XD pistols Style #1 thumb break scabbard

Style #2 speed scabbard

Blade Tech

* XD pistols Ultimate concealment Holster (kidex)

* Operator pistols order Operator w/light thumb break holster

G-Code Holsters

* XD pistols GH1116 paddle holster right (L.E. off duty & close carry)

GH1216 paddle holster left (L.E. off duty & close carry)

GH3116 belt slide right

GH3216 belt slide left

* Operator order holster for Operator w/light (any light will fit)

* Micro GH1112 paddle holster right

GH1212 paddle holster left

GH3112 belt slide right

GH3212 belt slide left

**Kidex holsters – form fitted


* XD pistols 2 nylon Law Enforcement

7115 acumold vanguard fit group 11

7105 cruiser level 1 size 13

T6505 tactical Operator

T6500 L.E. S.W.A.T. – fits XD with light

Cen-Dex Corp. Will special order


Waldon Holsters

· XD pistols

· Quick Thunder

· Scorpion



Customer Service Department

Springfield Incorporated

420 W Main Street

Geneso, Illinois 61254
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