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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/22/2005 2:37:10 PM EDT
Dose anyone have one and what do they think about it I have done a lot of looking and I have shot a glock 37 and the XD's

I am thinking maybe about a glock 38 (19/23 size) or a XD in 45gap I like the XD's feel better then the glock but I thought I might see if anyone has one and see what they thought about it
Link Posted: 9/25/2005 11:41:13 AM EDT
First off let me state that I am new to firearms. I have done a ton of reading and put as many rounds downrande at the local range through as many different weapons as the budget will allow. My experience with the XD should be viewed in this light.
I picked up my XD45GAP 4" service model about 2 months ago. Before buying it I had the opportunity to visit several sporting goods retailers around the country with a no longer active Marine, (God bless the USMC) who helped me get dialed in on what would work for ME. Having had the chance to hold both the Glock and the XD I felt that the XD simply felt more natural in my hand. It seemed to aim more naturally than the Glock, Ruger, and various 1911 models that I tried. However, thats just me. Point being comfort with fit and feel were very important to me. Also, the grip safety played a big roll in my leaning toward the XD over the Glock.
Having now put about 400 rounds down range both indoors and out I am very happy with the performance of my XD. No complaints except:
45 GAP ammunition in not common. Pain in the rear end to find at times. Cost reflects availability. If I were to do it all over I would probably go with the XD 40 and spend time improving my shot placement ability. Either way the XD platform has proven to be darn near idiotproff, I am the example for that. It passes the function test with those more knowledgeable than am I. It feels very natural in MY hand. It points very naturally for ME. These may not be thae same for you and obviously what works for one may not work for another.
Bottom line:
Happy with XD45GAPh

Hope this helps. If in doubt - "Buy Both"
Link Posted: 9/26/2005 2:57:04 PM EDT
Good to hear

I have shot the XD's a lot I used to work at a range and we had some for range use and I do like the way they shoot even the 40 cal and I am not a 40 fan.

At least here the ammo is avaible and runs about the same as 45acp in the high end stuff (no cheep plinking ammo as of yet); but I think that the 45GAP has porimse

on thing if you can tell me is the 45 Gap gun larger then the 9/40 gun
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 10:55:07 AM EDT
I just ordered the 1st .45 gap XD for my shop. Salesman talked me into it.

I have the XD40 and really like it.

I posted to let everyone know that there is a promotion for XD going on that gives a nicer plastic case with foam, a holster (plastic kydex belt type) and three mags with the base XD purchase.

Y'all who are on the fence may want to take advantage.
Link Posted: 10/2/2005 2:18:40 PM EDT
Just took my 5" Tactical .45 GAP to the range today...only 100 rounds through it.

I was quite surprised to find how accurate this gun is. If I do my part, it was making a ragged hole out of the 10-ring. I had TFO's put on it...and wow! Nice when I was shooting indoors today.

I perceive slighly more recoil out of the GAP than in my Ruger P-90 (.45 ACP). Maybe just a false impression. Any others feel this way?

Great gun, no issues. Ammo is starting to show up at several local places.

Lex in NC
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 1:45:38 PM EDT
I have only shot the glock 37 in 45GAP but it felt like it had more recoil then my glock21 that I had but I thought it was less then a 40SW
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