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Posted: 4/26/2015 6:47:24 PM EDT
I recently decided to upgrade my Dan Wesson Valor with some new wood grips. Of course I had to swap out the thin grip screw bushings with the standard size grip screw bushings. The old ones were a major pain in the ass to get out. Well two came out easy. But the other two I had to take a torch to it and really get on it. I locktited the new grip screw bushings and staked them in as well. I also swapped out the mainspring housing for a Smith and Alexander mag well. And I swapped out the magazine release button for an Ed Brown extended mag button. I'm running Tripp Research 8rd mags also. I'm really loving the upgrades, feels much better in my large hands and speeds up my reloads a bit. What do you guys think?

Link Posted: 4/26/2015 9:54:42 PM EDT
Looks great. I changed the grips on my Valor since I didn't like the look of the VZ's it came with and went with straight up black, but I like the look of the wood grips on yours. Seems like it adds a classic look. I am still enamored with the Valor insignia on the gun no matter how many time I see it.

BTW- that magwell looks great. Looks finished. I will have to add a few bucks to the Valor.
Link Posted: 4/26/2015 10:41:32 PM EDT
I like what you did to your Valor. I love the look and function of magwell and yours turned out great. Nice choice of upgrades.
Link Posted: 4/27/2015 3:13:48 PM EDT
It's a looker. One day I would like to own a Dan Wesson. For now I'll have to make due with my Remington.
Link Posted: 4/29/2015 12:51:24 PM EDT
Very nice and now I want one. Or a Specialist. Or a TRP. Damn you guys and your 1911s.
Link Posted: 4/29/2015 12:55:53 PM EDT
I want a razorback personally....

But hat is a fine looking 1911 you have there OP
Link Posted: 4/30/2015 12:37:18 PM EDT
I have a stainless Valor - I would like to get a magwell myself - but with the exact checkering that is on the MSH now. Debating if I could order an Ed Brown one myself - of if I needa send the frame into DW and have them install the same one that goes on the Specialist model.
Link Posted: 4/30/2015 1:14:40 PM EDT
Looks good OP, I love my Valor. I want a specialist, but I'm too broke at the moment.
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