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Posted: 1/28/2006 2:46:45 PM EDT
Not enough Dan Wesson representation here. I found a new .45 C-BOB (CZ w/ internal extractor) on gunbroker that was being sold as a blem.

The fit and finish are excellent. My FFL dealer(a Kimber fan) was extemely impressed. He wished Virginia had a waiting period so he could play with it for a few days. The pistol locks up tight and there is no discernable movement of the slide or barrel. With the recoil spring removed there is just a tiny bit of play in the slide and frame, though still no movement in the barrel. I was afraid that the 20 lpi checkering on the frontstrap would be to harsh on my hands. I need not have worried. It seems that the points were slightly filed down at the factory. Aside from the bushing, all the edges on the gun are broken. The night sights are bright and easy to pick up. The best thing about this gun is the bobtail. Combined with the Ed Brown grip safety, this gun points more naturally than any autoloader I've tried. I only have one complaint. When the hammer drops I can feel the grip safety push out about 1/32 of an inch. I looks like the hammer stut is hitting the bottom of the grip safety just as the hammer reaches the firing pin. However, this didn't cause any light primer strikes.

I shot 200 rounds of WWB 230 ball and 100 rounds of WWB 185 FMJ. Only failures were 2 premature slide locks during fast shooting strings. My support hand thumb probably hit it. I'm going to file a dent in the slide stop. I also purposefully held the gun with a very weak grip (held loosely with just middle finger) resulting in a failure to feed. No FTF's when held weakly one handed. Magazines used were 2 Chip McCormick Powermags (only loaded to 7 rounds) and the factory mag. The first nuckle on my right thumb is a little raw. Otherwise the shells ejected so consistantly that my younger brother(18 yrs) caught 28 in a row in a 5 gallon bucket. The thumb safety could use a little more blending to the frame. The grip safety is still getting hit by the hammer strut but there's a nice wear mark on the gs showing were I should file. The sights shoot about 1 inch high at 25 feet. At 50 feet they are dead-on at the top of the sight. My best 5 shot groups at 50 feet from a rest were around 4.5 inches. I know I can do better as I'm still getting used to the bobtail. I do love the bobtail. Recoil is the same and I swear it's quicker on target than my gov't but that may be due to the shorter slide. A few shooters asked if it was an Ed Brown. She's got a few bugs to iron out but nothing I can't knock out this evening with some files. I'm going to try some hollow points next time.
Link Posted: 1/28/2006 5:05:30 PM EDT
Good report, bad pictures
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