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Posted: 1/5/2002 9:58:56 AM EDT
The center of the target, vertically, on the torso, is the STOMACH, and gut hits with .45 ball won't reliably stop a cottontail, even. That is a fact, and I will prove it to you any time you want to bet $2000 and make it worth my while to come see ya. You need to try for the center of the sternum, nearly 6" above COM.
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Link Posted: 1/6/2002 8:31:45 AM EDT
baloney. You pick a certain spot for several reasons. One is to focus your eyes and mind on a goal, overcoming the tendency to weaken in the face of attack, and the natural reluctance to kill a member of one's own species. Another reason is that you may well not be adequately seeing your sights, and focusing on a SMALL target helps your subconscious-pointshooting to hit closer to the mark.
Link Posted: 1/6/2002 8:44:00 AM EDT
The COM/5 point area on the silhoette target used to test for CHL in Texas circles down to the solar plexus and up about 2inches either side of the sternum. The stomach area is not considered a 5 point hit, but a 4 point hit.

The head is a 5 point as is the neck. However, one could place all of 50 of their test shots in a 4 point area and still pass as 170 is passing.

So, I think of the solar plexus upward when I think of COM. A shot or two in this are may stop the heart, puncture vital arteries and/or damage pulmonary function. Basically if you hit them there with one or two, they will die. Will they stop? Maybe not, I've shot the heart clean out of a buck and had it run several yards.....

So, in Texas you are advised to go above the stomach area to stop the attack.

Link Posted: 1/6/2002 4:02:16 PM EDT
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Link Posted: 1/9/2002 12:37:37 PM EDT
Ok, you could say COM is the area of the stomach, but it is also the area of the liver, spine, 1 big artery, 1 big vein, and 2 lungs. I'll take my odds on that. My main goal would be to stop the threat, I think a hit in one of those areas will do that. I was taught to put 2 shots in COM, you should hit something that will change their minds.
Link Posted: 1/17/2002 9:47:07 AM EDT
the blood vessel hits are pure LUCK, as is the spine. The lungs are well above COM. They are inside the ribcage, in fact, they are in the upper half of the rib cage Measuring from the collarbone on down, the torso is 24", 12" down is well below the xphyoid process, which is of course the bottom of the sternum. Now the floating ribs do protrude on downward 2" or so further, and the bottom of the liver does protrude a bit below the floating ribs, but the center of the vitals is a good 5" above COM of the torso. Now if you want to aim at the chin in the hope of hitting the bridge of the nose (same 5" error in elevation) go for it.
Link Posted: 1/18/2002 5:56:03 AM EDT
jett3, have you ever been in an actual shooting. Ever been shot at? Ever had to draw your weapon on someone? Ever seen rounds recovered from human bodies with exact details invovled in the shooting? Ever been shot at? Not asking this sarcastically. Very serious.
Link Posted: 1/26/2002 6:31:26 PM EDT
I have a feeling a .45 FMJ gutshot on a cottontail will probably stop it pretty quick.

As for people, that's why it's suggested that you don't use FMJ ammo. You're right, it is better to hit the sternum area but that's harder to do if someone's shooting back at you. Hence, you aim COM, pull the trigger, and get the heck out of the way ASAP!
Link Posted: 1/27/2002 6:01:53 PM EDT

The center of the target, vertically, on the torso, is the STOMACH, and gut hits with .45 ball won't reliably stop a cottontail, even. That is a fact, and I will prove it to you any time you want to bet $2000 and make it worth my while to come see ya. You need to try for the center of the sternum, nearly 6" above COM.

Does that mean you're willing to let me shoot you in the gut with my G21 for $2,000 if I promise to use only ball ammo?
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 7:08:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/29/2002 7:10:05 PM EDT by AR-10]
Settle down Bob. You know you don't really want to shoot him, right?????hot
I am pretty sure of two things.

1)If I ever need to draw a pistol, I will shoot center of mass, repeatedly.

2)I will not even see the sights.

That may not be what you want to hear, and it sure isn't the right way to practice, but that is what would happen.

Just the opinion of a newbie never been shot at don't want to be shot at go to the range a lot probably don't know crap.

Edited to get the smily thing going on.
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 9:21:26 PM EDT
Two in the chest and one in the head
puts a man down and leaves him there dead.
Link Posted: 1/30/2002 4:07:20 AM EDT
Jarhead said it best.

But if and when the unthinkable happens, you'll be lucky to pull the gun from your concealed hiding place. Where you shoot the bastard will be a combined function of body position, reflex, and whatever your adrenaline has you doing.

Unless you've been there you can't really know, just wonder and discuss what you've read about. I think CONCLUSIVE statements regarding shooting someone are ignorant.

Just practice whatever way you feel comfortable with, when shit goes down just try to stay up.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:35:37 PM EDT
So what's "unthinkable" about it? We are all thinking about it, a lot. You are quite wrong about the .45 ball to the guts stopping a jack. it frequently wont even stop a cottontail. Jacks often enough run a fair distance after taking a .45 ball rd to the chest. No, all the guys on whom I have had at gunpoint stopped in their tracks. If they hadn't, I most assuredly would have shot them in the chest. I have often enough proved that I don't give a damn about what society thinks, and I have beaten the crap out of several people who "thought" that I was easy. It has yet to take more than one strike or kick to render them incapable of further hurting me, and I've never been touched by an attacker. Most likely never will, and if it ever happens, he will die shortly thereafter, regardless of who or what he is. I have no compunctions whatsoever about taking it to the punk when the advantages are ALL mine. I bother no one. They screw with me at the risk of their very lives, and I will NEVER forget or forgive any physical harm done to me or mine, and I DO know how to make enough money to find and access anyone. Count on it. If I have to train a dog to dive under the gas tank of a certain type of vehicle, with something interesting hidden under his collar, I know how to do so. If I have to make a takedown version of the .50 bmg bolt rifle, and silence it, I know how to do that, too.
Link Posted: 1/31/2002 6:49:55 PM EDT
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