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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/15/2001 5:51:45 AM EST
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First, UNLOAD THE GUN and REMOVE THE MAGAZINE. Check the chamber. Then you need to remove the slide. If you can't do that, please stop now! And, if you're not prepared to send the gun back to Kel-Tec in pieces for them to finish the replacement, you should probably stop now as well. But don't get too nervous, this isn't that hard, unless you're a complete ten-thumbed person! (And some of us are -- that's okay!)

After the slide, you need to remove the hammer spring catch. This is the little black cap on the bottom of the grip that remains after you remove the magazine. It has to come out before the receiver can be removed; but it's not hard. Push down thru the magazine hole with the screwdriver and push it outward until it clears the grip. Now move it away from the spring shaft and release it over the magazine shaft. You may have to turn it, but the hamme spring should pull it up into the magazine shaft. Don't worry, it's not hard getting it back in!
Now, with your hammer and punch, gently tap out the pins. The picture at left is for display only -- don't punch against a hard surface. Punch out the two frame pins against something that will not get damaged and will not damage the surface of the plastic grip, like maybe a nut or something. You don't want to damage the appearance of your gun! Be careful with this!

With the frame pins removed and the hammer spring released, you should now be able to remove the receiver from the grip. BUT WAIT! Be very careful, or you may lose some parts. Pay particularly close attention to the slide stop spring, pictured here at left. It's the little circular spring with extending ends, just barely being held in by the grip in the photo. This spring can and will jump out at you! When you've got the receiver to this point, grab the receiver where the slide stop spring is mounted, so as to prevent its release (and so you don't have to spend 10 minutes looking for it on the floor with a magnet!) It will easily flip out, so be careful! Notice the location of other parts on the reciver. They could come out as well if you're not careful.
Carefully remove the receiver.

Link Posted: 10/15/2001 5:53:48 AM EST
Credit goes to:

Once you have the receiver removed from the grip, remove the slide stop spring from the receiver so that it won't accidentally discharge it's energy. Place it and the reciever in a save place (your frame pins are in a safe place now, aren't they?!). All you should have left now is the grip with the hammber block assembly and the magazine release mechanism. Yep, we've got to pull those out, too!

Let's start with the the hammer block assembly. This consists of a pin, the hammer block, and the hammer block spring. This is much easier to get out that it is to get back in, but don't let that worry you (yet!). There's one more pin still left in the grip, which is holding the hammer block and spring. Gently drive it out with the punch and hammer, again, being careful not to damage the pin, the grip, or the surface upon which you are pounding. In the poor photo to the right, you can see the protruding pin that is almost ready to come out, and if you look carefully (and use your imagination a little), you can see the hammer block and spring. Remove all three pieces and safely put them away.
See that black magazine catch below that looks like a backwards L? And see the little magazine catch inserted in the inside of the magazine shaft to the right of the backwards L that looks like a paperclip? We have to get that paperclip-like spring out so we can remove the magazine catch.

Once again, this is one of those things that might go flinging across the room if you're not careful, so I would suggest a little care here. Find the little spring inside your grip, and then move to the next page.

Take your handy-dandy screwdriver / mini-prybar and gently slip the tip thru the paperclip-like spring, like the picture to the left and slowly pull the spring upwards. Don't get it too far out. Reach down in there and grab it before it comes loose.. Pliers might be useful here, if you have them. Once its out, place it aside if your "safe place."

The magazine catch now should slide right out. And you know where to put it, too...
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 5:54:47 AM EST
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Now all gun parts are completely removed from the grip. You can move it aside. (You don't need a safe place for this one -- you're not going to need it again, and who the heck is gonna wanna buy a used black P32 grip!) Now get out your new P32 grip and get ready to do the whole process in reverse order!

The first thing that we need to install on the new grip is the last thing we took out -- the magazine catch and magazine catch spring. This can be a little tricky, but it you do it right, it can be a snap. First, take a look at the paperclip-like mag catch spring and notice that one end is longer than the other. The longer end must go on the left of side of the gun and the shorter end on the right. (See blurry photo to right). Place the short side of the spring into the little spring groove on the right side of the gun. Make sure that the bottom tip of the spring on the right is flush with the magazine catch slot. Don't worry about the longer end right now. Got that much so far?

Now, once you have gotten the spring in there, take your screwdirver / mini-prybar and gently nudge the long end into the spring groove on the left side of the grip. You may wish to hold you hand over the top to make sure you don't fling the spring out out. You are compressing the magazine catch spring, so there's a chance that you might flip it out and have to try again. If you do flip it out, that's okay, but make sure to listen carefully as it flings out, so you can hear it bounce off the wall, or the ceiling, or the furniture, and then the floor. Start looking where you heard it last! ;) If you can't find it, put all your gun pieces in a little plastic bag and call 407-631-0068 and ask the guys at Kel-Tec to send you a new one! If you have gotten this far and don't happen to need a new one, let's continue! Pull the magazine catch spring out a little bit so that the longer (left) side is now flush with the magazine catch slot. Slide the magazine catch back into the slot (making sure you don't make a left-handed magazine catch by slipping it in backwards!). Now you have to get the longer end of the spring into the little hole in the magazine catch. This may take a few minutes. Once you get the spring engaged in the catch, slide the spring down until it stop. Try the catch. It should spring in and out.

Now we have to put the hammer block assembly back in. This is, without a doubt, the hardest part of replacing the grip. It will probably take a little bit of time to get it back in, but it's doable.

The hammber block assembly consists of the hammber block, the hammer block pin, and the hammer block spring, as pictured to the left. I know it's a bit fuzzy, but that's what it is. The pin extends from the top to the bottom, the block from left to right, and the spring is on the pin, extending upward on one end, and inserted into the hammber block on the other end. Proceed to the next page for instructions on re-installing the hammber block.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 5:55:54 AM EST
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See the extended hammer block pin on the right side, and the hammer block on the inside? Make sure that the smooth, rounded edge is toward the mzzle end. If you put it in backwards, you won't really be able to tell until your are done, and your magazine will not insert all of the way in, because it will be blocked by the hammer block. I put it in backwards once. Just make sure the rounded edge faces forward.
To begin this step, hammer the pin into the left side of the grip (as pictured above) just far enough so that it extends a couple of millimeters past the inside surface -- enough so that the spring can rest on it, but don't put it in yet. Place the bent end of the spring in the small hole in the hammer block.

Make sure the wraps of the spring (where the passes thru) match the hole where the pin passes thru the hammer block. Turn the grip on it's right side and slide the two pieces inside, as shown above right. If the spring comes out of the hammer block, you have to try again. It may help to use a prod of some sort to get it in the right position. This may take some time to position correctly. Make sure that the long end of the spring is pointed down the grip and against the rear surface. Once you've gotten the hammer block butted up against the right side so that the hole in the hammer block matches the hole in the grip, and the spring is next to the protruding pin, take your little screwdriver, or something similar, and compressthe spring coils a little bit so that you can slip it over the the protruding pin. Once you got the spring on, you should be able to gently tap the pin and drive it completely thru the spring and the hammer block and the other side of the grip. Once that's done, you can sigh in relief. The rest is easy.

Now we're ready to put the receiver back in. DON'T put the slide stop spring back in yet! We'll get to it later! The little piece of metal that goes next to itm called the slide stop/ejector, may need to be put back into place if it has fallen out. Place the receiver loosely into the grip.

Now you need to drop the hammer spring catch down the magazine shaft, as shown to the left. Also see that I have left the hammer block pin protruding to give another point of view of it. Drop the spring catch down, but don't try to attatch it yet. If it's anywhere inside the grip, that's fine.

With the hammer spring catch down the magazine shaft, the receiver should slide right into the grip with a little bit of effort. If it doesn't, check the hammer spring catch and insure that it is not hung up on anything. Then continue to the next page...

Slide the receiver into the grip until the outline of the slide stop spring is ready to slide inside the grip, like the photo on the left. Carefully compress the spring from the top down into the gun until the spring fits back into the recessed slot. Be careful not to fling it out, we're tired of looking for springs by now!

Once the spring is in place, continue to slide the receiver into the grip, past the spring and holding it in place until it fits almost snugly into the grip. But don't put the frame pins in yet! We still need to engage the hammer block with the hammer! If you don't do this your trigger will not drop the hammer when pulled! You will essentially have a disabled gun. We don't want that.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 5:56:50 AM EST
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This step doesn't require a part, but is simply a procedure. Pull the rear of the receiver back out of the grip slightly, enough so that you can stick your screwdriver back down between the grip rear end and the receiver. You have to push the hammer block forward, compressing the hammer block spring. When you have the block pressed foward enough, slowly move the slide back down until you only have space for the screwdriver, then pull it out and seat the receiver completely down into the grip. At this point you can carefully test to see if the trigger has engaged. Pull the hammer back a little bit until it locks to the first position, then pull on the trigger slightly to see if it lifts the hammer. If it does, you did it right. Don't dry fire it without the slide attatched. If the hammer doesn't move, you need to try engaging the hammer block again. If the hammer won't move, the trigger won't fire. Be careful while doing this that you don't scratch up the hammer block with your screwdriver; you don't want to damage the surface..

Drive the frame pins thru the grip and receiver,
being careful not to damage anything.

Now you need to secure the receiver into your new grip. You begin this by inserting the frame pins. Make sure that the holes align perfectly before hammering them in; you don't want to damage anything. Specifically, be careful not to damage the pins, the grip, or the surface on which you are pounding. The above photos are for demonstration only, I'm not actually driving them in on top of a cherrywood box!
Now you need to place the hammer spring catch into place. This is fairly easy. Take your screwdriver / pryer and push it down into the magazine shaft from the top, catching the little black, plastic catch from the spring side. Be careful not to scratch or damage the catch in any way, as this is an outside surface. Push down on the catch with the screwdriver and stretch the spring enough so that the catch protrudes from the bottom of the grip. Move it around a little until you can catch it on the lip of the grip. Then slowly inch it back toward the rear of the grip and out of the magazine shaft and into the hammer spring shaft. Make sure you get it oriented correctly and then let it drop into place. Then take a deep breath. We're done!
Link Posted: 10/22/2001 1:07:33 PM EST
Man and I though cleaning a Ar was hard.
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