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Posted: 9/24/2004 7:05:13 PM EDT
I've looked into the factory refurbished pistols, and I was wondering what everyone thought of them. I've found a P229 in .40 S&W, Grade I, with night sights, 2 new mags and the case for $539. Is this a good deal, the P229's at CDNN are $420 (non hand selected) with night sights, is it worth the $120 for the refurb, plus the hassle of shipping it?

Link Posted: 9/26/2004 6:11:54 AM EDT
Hey Brian, The past 2 guns shows I've been to (one this weekend) both had factory certified Sigs beginning at $449. Some had night sights on them and some of them had some worn finishes on the slides but they do come with a 1 year factory warranty. The ones I saw this past weekend were awesome, they looked new. Some were factory demos and the slides were in perfect condition, no wear on them.

I saw a 229 in .40 that looked new for $449! It made me a little mad because 3 weeks ago I was at a gun show looking for a 229 and a man had 2 of them that were factory certified and the slides were in real bad shape for $490. I wanted it but they looked real rough, even the frame looked rough so I passed on it. I ended up buying an SP2340 with night sights and it is awesome. Of course prices may vary by region and in TX, at least in Dallas they are right around $500 or less. Good luck.

Link Posted: 9/26/2004 10:29:53 AM EDT
It's like used/factory certified cars. You can find a better deal from a private person, but with the "factory certified" you know some items have been checked. It all depends on what you want.

If you know Sigs and trust your own judgment, I think you can find the best deal on your own. If you're going with a mail order/internet source and the guns are just coming from a pile, sight unseen, you'd be better off going factory certified.

Only you can decide if $120 is worth it or not. Most police trade-ins (used or factory cert) look pretty shabby as Sig doesn't have the best wearing finnish.

Link Posted: 9/26/2004 6:47:19 PM EDT
I bought a LE demo 229/.40 a few months ago at a show here in OH. I love it. Great pistol at a great price. I have put just a couple hunderd thru it. n No problems. It set me back $579 w/2 mags and nite sights. You can never go wrong with a Sig.
Link Posted: 9/26/2004 7:56:16 PM EDT
Thanks for all of the advice everyone, I think tomorrow I will go to a range and try to rent one before buying anything. I did get to shoot an assortment of my friends pistols today and the ones that shot the best for me were his Kimber target model and his Springfield Ultra Compact, so I'm now leaning toward a 1911. But, I still want to shoot a Sig before jumping into anyting. Also Sig has a promotionif you buy a new or certified pistol you can get 2 high caps and a hat for $20, which is a plus.

Thanks again,
Link Posted: 9/27/2004 12:49:38 PM EDT
Other manufacturers make great pistols, but a Sig will never let you down!
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