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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/20/2006 6:06:01 AM EST
I am new to SIGs and new to CCWs, but plan on getting the 239 very soon. Would it be smart to go with the DAK for a carry pistol or stick with the standard SIG trigger? Is this purely preference or is there reasoning behind this?


Link Posted: 1/20/2006 7:28:07 AM EST
I'd say preference myself.
Link Posted: 1/20/2006 10:32:17 AM EST
It really depends on what you are comfortable with. Personally I am carrying a Equinox which has the standard trigger.
Link Posted: 1/20/2006 11:18:07 AM EST
Personal prefs.

The only external difference is the bobbed hammer on the DAK making it a touch smoother overall. I've never had an issue with a hammer catching on anything, I've carried a 220 and now a 229R DAK. Never had any issues with either.

If you haven't shot the DAK definately do before you buy, it feels a bit different than most other auto actions.
Link Posted: 1/20/2006 7:31:07 PM EST
This is strictlly personal preference. I am fairly certain my opinion is in the minority but I will share it with you anyway. I have always been a big fan of DAO for carry purposes. I know there is nothing that feels as nice as a custom SA trigger on a 1911 (BTDT), but I just don't like the added "issues" of carrying SA pistols. Especially if it isn't possible to train with it regularly.

My quest for the perfect carry weapon went like this:

The first gun I carried was a Colt Gov't Model 1911. Wonderful pistol and I am a huge fan of the 1911. I just never liked carrying "cocked and locked". You also add a step in deploying the weapon with the need to disengage the manual safety.

My next pistol I carried was a Sigma. A DAO, striker fired pistol in .40 S&W. I liked the DAO aspect with no manual safeties, but I hated the trigger.

I replaced the Sigma with a Para Carry LDA. In this pistol I kept the DAO which I liked but got the manual safety back. The LDA trigger was nice in that it was DAO, but it still wasn't what I was looking for.

I now carry a Sig 229DAK. This is by far the best CC pistol I have ever had the pleasure of using. The DAK trigger is great. Just like the camera, "point and shoot". DAO, no manual safety, and repeat strike capability if you want it. It also doesn't hurt that the pistol's accuracy and reliability are very impressive. It will shoot anything I put in it and I have cut ragged holes at 12 yards (and I am not a very good pistol shooter). To say I am pleased is an understatement.

In the end, what trigger you pick is usually just a matter of "what works best for you". If you are already more familiar to one type or the other, stick with what you know and are comfortable with. If this is your first serious venture into shooting, then I would recommend the DAK, but then I am biased.

Link Posted: 1/20/2006 9:17:36 PM EST
Good stuff, Cavu, thanks for the input. I need to get out to my gun range and try the DAK and compare. I've never really considered it as a needed option, but it makes sense I suppose. My guess is with a double/single, the first round would have a tendency to be placed differently then the next however many shots.

The new SIGpros haev the option of changing from the standard trigger to the DAO - I think I will try that out as well as the 239DAK.

Dang, now I have not made up my mind again...
Link Posted: 1/20/2006 9:30:00 PM EST
The advantages of the DAK as I see them are consistant trigger pull weights, no decocker needed for reholstering,

The folks that shoot the DA/SA say they feel the SA allows for more precise shooting and they are also able to do faster follow ups.

I never liked that first heavier pull of the trigger, but again, this is just personal preference.
Link Posted: 1/21/2006 5:30:22 AM EST
Link Posted: 1/21/2006 10:07:08 AM EST
What is the trigger pull on the DAK? Aprr? Anyone know?
Link Posted: 1/21/2006 3:48:29 PM EST

Originally Posted By philp110:
What is the trigger pull on the DAK? Aprr? Anyone know?

6.5 lbs
Link Posted: 1/21/2006 4:29:50 PM EST
DAK is 6.5 pounds on the initial pull; subsequent pulls can actually be one of two weights, 7.5 pounds if you let the trigger out to the first catch bar, and 6.5 pounds if you let it all the way out. I have had my P229R DAK (in 40S&W) for a few months now, and I like the DAK trigger very much, but I am finding it difficult to learn to use the first catch bar for faster repeat shots... IMO, the trigger does not give enough "feedback" at the first catch to notice when you are shooting rapidly.

Link Posted: 1/22/2006 2:12:09 PM EST
Love my 239dak, so precise, so smooth, so....so.....I just love it!
Link Posted: 1/24/2006 1:48:56 AM EST
I just bought the 229DAK last month and love it. This trigger is the best DA I have ever used. It is perfect for CCW IMHO.
Link Posted: 1/24/2006 11:34:35 AM EST

Originally Posted By warhorse1:
I just bought the 229DAK last month and love it. This trigger is the best DA I have ever used. It is perfect for CCW IMHO.

+1. Also, all of Sig's SAS models are DAKs. That says something right there about DAK and CC.
Link Posted: 2/8/2006 4:44:03 PM EST

Originally Posted By ikor:
Note that the DAK is NOT the same thing as the DAO...it is much nicer IMO.

What's the difference? I shot a P239 today and each shot was DA. I just assumed it was DAO. Was it a DAK?
Link Posted: 2/15/2006 7:24:39 AM EST
Bought a SIG P239 SAS and shot it side by side with my p2000sk with the LEM trigger system. I was disappointed to discover I like the LEM trigger better after investing 700 bucks. And there are no ranges in this area which rented DAK guns, and the ones that are far away rent run of the mill glocks and S &W. I also shot better with the P2000sk despite it having a shorter barrel and grip. I have not given up on the SIG. Im going to put some houges on it and put the wood away. I have a 229 with hougues and my shooting improved with the rubber grips. The 239 SAS is a beautiful pistol though. The DAK pull was a little long compared to the short and crisp breakage of the LEM. I will put another 500 rounds thru both pistols before i elect my new carry piece.
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