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Posted: 5/5/2003 3:20:26 AM EST
Using surplus GI mags for the range, I decided on a few more.
Looking some over, they didn't look "right".
Some were located in a bin, loose, right next to those "Colt" marked ones for $6, the GI at $6.50.
I found some later, supposedly NIW, 3 for $18 so I nabbed 'em.
First clue...no FSN, date or nominclature on the wrappers...hmmmm.
Upon opening the wrapper, the magazines had the same identical finish as those $6 cheapies, not like my older GI mags.
They do have an Assy # on the floorplate and it looks ligit, but overall still don't look "right".
What really sticks out as wrong?
The witness holes are off!
They are too high one complete round and are only showing 6 shots.
Besides that, the lip design is nothing like the older one.
All #s match on both except MFR...the older one is 1M291, the NIW magazine is 30745
Shoddy surplus or outright fake?
Link Posted: 5/5/2003 8:43:51 AM EST
If that is the cage number this is what I found out.

You can check your own shearch at http://www.gidm.dlis.dla.mil/bincs/begin_search.asp

I have 20+ 1M291 made by check mate ind. Their guinue contracted M1911 mags.

Search by
CAGE Code: 30745

Company Name: MASON-RUST CO

CAGE Code: 30745


DUNS Number:

JCP Cert. Number:

ZIP Code:



Company Name: MASON-RUST CO

CAGE Code: 30745

Status: F - Obsolete Record

Parent CAGE:


P.O. Box:


ZIP: 15200

CAO-ADP: S3911A - S3910A

State: PA


Voice Phone Number:

Fax Phone Number:

Date CAGE Code Established: 11/4/1974

De Oppresso Liber

Link Posted: 5/5/2003 4:43:29 PM EST
Thanks C_D.
These 30745 marked mags look as though someone got a deal on some floorplates, added them to some cheap bodies.
So it was a legitimate number, back in '74, fine.
Why are the holes so far off and the packaging not marked as mil spec stuff usually is?
I can't see Uncle Sam accepting them this way.
The lips on GI mags have always been progressively wider nearing the front, at least from what I have seen, these have a step 1/2 way.
With a lot of range time, I suspect, the truth may come out.
And only a few bucks would be considered a cheap lesson.
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