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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/17/2003 11:33:35 PM EST
Here's the gun and its break down.
*LTT custom Beretta 92g Elite II
*LTT Bevel Job
*TTI Teflon-S Frame
*Bar-sto 4.7" Gunsmith fit barrel
*LTT Level II trigger job
*Novak (.290) night sights
*CTC Laser Grips
*Black Cougar hex nut grip screws
*Stainless guide rod
*Spur-less Hammer

For a full Photo Gallery, go here:
This weapon was built and completed as is about a year ago.

But now, after 13 weeks of waiting; I finally received my black Bull shark leather Alessi ACP/s holster, 36" black Bull shark belt -- 1.5" wide; tapered to 1.25" up front, with a solid sterling silver belt buckle and a black Bull shark duel mag carrier.

For a bigger more detailed photo, go here:

Link Posted: 9/17/2003 11:34:34 PM EST

The Belt
Awesome. As it better be. Alessi belts appear to be thinner than Milt Sparks belts, but both are the same width. .25".
The Alessi belt is beveled, so there is a high spot running down the center of the belt. The Sparks belt is .25" all the way across.
The underside of the Alessi belt is not dyed. No dye to run onto your light colored pants. I had a little bit happen with the sparks during the hot summer months. The Alessi underside is a dark reddish brown. Lou stamped my initials into the back side of the belt too. Nice touch.
The leather smells like good old fashion hand cut leather, but you can also smell the subtle sent of the coast line ocean. It isn't over powering, and the leather must be next to your nose to even tell.

The buckle from Tiffany's is beautiful. It isn't overly flashy -- just as I wanted. You could use the silver tip as a mirror easily. Looking at the belt, you'd never expect to find a gun on it. It looks too delicate, but is really tougher than any cowhide I've ever handled. You can't scratch it with your nail like cowhide. As you can see, the taper from 1.5" to 1.25" is very subtle.
The texture of the sharkskin looks like tree bark. The grooves are raised up as a tree is too.
The owner of the company I work for saw it, and he was overly impressed. He doesn't say nice things about anything usually.

Link Posted: 9/17/2003 11:35:11 PM EST

The Holster
The holster has the most prominent texture. It stands off the surface in waves front to back. The only external piece not sharkskin is the reinforcement strap. This is because the laminated sharkskin would add too much bulk to the holster. So it was decided to leave it off. It gives it a nice contrast look which wraps around into the main belt loop. The snap loop on this model is a stabilizer; the snap makes it easier than threading two belt loops, and adjusting the holsters position on the belt.
The entire gun rig doesn't seem to weigh as much as the Milt Sparks one 1.75" milt vs. 1.5"/1.25" Alessi is kind of apples to oranges though. The weight of the gun alone though seems less prominent. I'm starting to believe Alessi's tag line, "You'll never know it's there until you need it."

For a bigger picture, go here:

The Duel mag pouch

I don't care for the duel mag carrier. The snaps unbutton far too easily. I am having this corrected. One accidental bump to the mags and it'll unbutton and try to drop the unit. I squeezed the stuffing out of that carrier trying to get the single snap to engage better, but got nothing but sore thumbs.
The same snap on the holster is much better and has some authority when engaged.
I contacted Lou about this, and he said he would remake me a new mag carrier with belt loops, and for me to send him my current one and he would repair it and send it back. Sharkskin duel mag pouches run at 90 dollars a piece. Lou stands behind his products. Any problems he will take care of you.
Lou's website is under construction:
He's best reached by phone or e-mail to discuss your project.
(716) 691-5615
You can see more of his work at:

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