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Posted: 5/1/2004 7:47:14 PM EST
I'm looking for something real small for CCW in the Texas summer. I've seen rave reviews by Kel Tec owners, but I dont hear much about Tomcats, any info would be appreciated. Also .32 V. .380. The search function is down so bare with me.

Link Posted: 5/2/2004 3:25:46 AM EST
i've if were to carry a "mouse" gun i would carry a Kel-Tech 380. I know a lot of officers here who use them for back ups in their striker plate pouch. The county above me put the kel-tech through torture testing and it met their requirements. I had a friend who owned a tomcat and personally i thought it was a piece of junk. stove-pipes left and right. Kel-tech has great customer service and is MUCH faster on repairs or services than beretta. It seems the larger a company becomes the further it becomes from it's customers. A another note have you looked into a Kahr PM-9? They're small, thin and their weight isn't bad for a pocket. Not to say there is anything wrong with your choice of calibers, it's just my comfort level with something that small.
Link Posted: 5/2/2004 4:19:57 PM EST
Kel Tec is looking favorable and I will look into the Khar as well. The reason for the "Mouse Gun" is the heat and humidity here in texas (Like there in FL). I have a full size 1911, and I'll probably be getting something mid sized as well, but soometimes I may only be in shorts and a T-shirt and would like to be able to defend myself. BTW hat is going price for a P3AT these days?
Link Posted: 5/2/2004 4:35:52 PM EST
i feel your pain about the heat and humidity. When it get's bad i just stick to a fobus and a g27. the kel-tec's are running $305 blued, and they go up to around $360 for parked i believe.
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 6:33:41 AM EST
I picked up a Tomcat for summer carry here in FL and I love the little thing. I highly recommend it as it slides perfectly into any pocket and doesn't buldge or get in the way. Not too mention... it fires every time and with pretty good accuracy out to 10 yards or so.
Link Posted: 5/4/2004 8:54:14 PM EST
The Kahr is worth considering, you can get quite small and reliable in 9mm.

But if you're pretty much looking at the Kel-Tec v. the Tomcat, I'd lean towards the Kel-Tec in .380. Although I fire my neighbor's Tomcat for kicks sometimes and it's got a decent pocket rocket feel.
Link Posted: 5/5/2004 7:59:04 AM EST
Keep in mind that you are doing in part an apples to oranges comparison. The Tomcat will be quite a bit bigger and heavier. Sometimes that can be an advantage, sometimes a disadvantage. Personally I find an Airweight S&W .38 to fit the bill for pocket carry.
Link Posted: 5/10/2004 6:08:34 PM EST
I carried a stainless Tomcat for quite awhile until I found my new Kahr PM9. It is smaller lighter and thinner than my Tomcat with MUCH more power in 9mm than the anemic .32. NO they aren't cheap but for the size and power it's a great pistol. Something to consider.
Link Posted: 5/13/2004 3:48:10 PM EST
I have looked on the internet at the Kahr and am impressed, but it seems a little pricey $500-600+ range. I got a chance to shoot a glock 27 in .40 an I was impressed with it as well. The glock is a little cheaper, but is wider due to double stack mags. Now I am even less sure of what I need!!!!!! Guess I'm gonna have to get one of each!!!!!!!
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